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We ask you to make all those concerned aware of the treacherous "Divide & conquer" instigation policy that the Syrian occupier is spreading through mercenary Lebanese politicians and clergymen. Like Sheik Jouzo, Walid Jumblat, Kariem Bakradowni, Elias & Michel El Murr and many others, Please post and distribute

The following are excerpts (translated from Arabic) of statements made by Sheikhh Muhammad Ali Al Jouzo, the Mufti of Mount Lebanon District, as reported and published by Lebanese dailies on the dates shown (June 2/03)

Al-Liwaa newspaper,
Sunday 02 June 2003
The Dar Al-Fatwa and the Bekaa Department of Islamic Waqf held a popular celebration in Anjar on June 2, 2003, on the occasion of the Prophetıs birthday and to lay the foundation for the reconstruction of a shrine to Nabi Azeez that had been destroyed by an explosion last Ramadan? ?.In his address, Mufti Al Jouzoıs said: "Today I want to go by the guidelines and be a very moderate and non-sectarian person, and I want to be wise and reasonable so that no one can protest if I, regrettably, speak the truth. Whoever speaks the truth is told "you are an extremist", and whoever speaks justly is told "you are a terrorist". All meanings have become tangled in this American era that is built on falsification, legends, lies, and turning everything up side down, including our world. America wants to spread corruption on earth and destroy all the human values of the worldıs societies". He further said: "From this point on, I will speak frankly and truthfully. This country is ours and all of us live equally in it. So we have to be democratic, not the American way, but the way it is called for by Islam? ". He continued: "We are against extremism, whether it comes from a Moslem or Christian, a Sunni or a Shiite. Confessionalism must be eliminated so the Lebanese become equal in all positions, ranks, and jobs, and not to segregate between religions or sects? This principle that was sectarianism planted by foreigners in our this country is a vile principle from the start and that is why we see corruption spreading everywhere..."

Assafir newspaper,
Sunday 02 June2003
By Sami Husseini
The Mufti of Mount Lebanon District Mohammed Ali Al-Jouzo reiterated his demands that all naturalization files since 1939 be re-opened and that citizenship be revoked from all those who do not deserve it. However, he rejected the idea of activating the files of "specific persons". He also said that "?all the privileges imposed by French colonialism must be terminated". Mufti Al Jouzo also suggested that "the Mufti of the Bekaa Sheikh Khalil Al Meiss run for President because he is able to implement H oly Justice", cautioning that "I am joking because the Mufti will not accept a position that will lead him to hell?" ? Al Jouzo pointed to the granting of Lebanese citizenship to the Armenians without objections, whereas protests mount whenever an Arab asks for it. Describing the Lebanese justice system as biased against Moslem youth in reference to the events of the North. Al Jouzo commented that the bombers of the churches are Israeli agents, and wondered "Why is it assumed that a Moslem must be behind a church bombing and not agents who are released after a few months in jail?" Al Jouzo also rejected the idea that reform start from the Sunni side, saying "Minister Pakradoni is a "bully"", and criticized his attempt at refusing to establish schools in the capital Beirut? Al Jouzo considered that "Hitler is more honorable than Bush" because he knew the truth about the Jews and punished them.

Al Anwar newspaper,
Sunday 6/2/2003 Shtaura ­
by Imad Al Najjar
Al Jouzo said "Your Eminence Sheikhh Khalil Al-Meiss, I want to nominate you to the Presidency. What is the problem with that? At least he will implement justice among people, and one side will not dominate another, and he will treat Christians in the manner of tolerance of Islam. We now want this justice, no more no less. Of course, Sheikhh Khalil does not want this candidature and wonıt accept the post, unfortunately, because in Lebanon it will lead him to hell and justice is partial. Al-Jouzo said "As Moslems our motto is Œno extremismı  even against other Moslems, no extremism against those who are in their legitimate right over the Waqf land. From that perspective, it is not only the Armenians who have violated (the Waqf) but also other Moslem brothers who are trying to do the same, thinking that we can no longer defend our Waqf. In Baalbeck, the Mosque of Baybars the Mameluk Sunni Leader, I donıt know if he has converted, they seized his Mosque."
"At Ayn, in Baalbeck, in Jiyeh, we Moslems are trying to rob each other. There are Waqf lands we control for hundreds of years, and our friend Ayatollah Abd El Ameer Qabalan gave the Jiyeh Committee a complaint about us, saying that these Waqf lands belong to the Shiites. They are getting us into fighting among ourselves in trivial matters, and this divides the Moslem ranks when we need to confront our enemies at this time, and we must be one rank, one heart, and one man?" "?There is something wrong in the method of the relationship in Lebanon concerning the different parties?and I mean Karim Pakradoni who lately has become President of the Kataeb Party and a Minister, and will they allow a Palestinian to become a minister? We know that his (Pakradoniıs) origin is an Armenian, and he became President of the Kataeb Party, and there is no objection, he is welcome. However, his first act was to oppose schools in Beirut, to prevent the establishment of these schools (?).