True Canadians, and Terrorism
Diffusing The Canadian/Trojan Horse
By:  Fred Van Vliet

Sept.28. 2003 

I am wondering what to do with this, but the sense keeps coming back to me that the "war on terrorism", is badly loosing ground in Canada.  In the daily turning of events, in the fog of multi-cultural liberal fuzz, the sense of reality seems to be fading out. A dull roar of desensitization follows the non-response to Bill Samson's astonishing stories (published for a week in the National Post), of 30 months of extreme torture; denied by the Saudi Arabian's, and apparently uncontested by the Canadian government. Simultaneously, Bruce Balfour endures 2 months of illegal detention in Lebanon, with the same official support from Ottawa that Mr. Samson received. Only heavenly and public pressure, coupled with behind-the-scenes activities changed the out come for Bruce. And the diplomatic show about the Iranian murder of Canadian photographer Ms. Kazami continues to frustrate and mystify.

I have become privately aware of an Iranian, who purchased a house for cash to use for "cultural purposes" near the University. Nothing wrong with that, by itself.  Deeply troubling however, are rumours that “he is a high ranking official in the government of Iran!” What is really going on here? How does one properly pursue this? Recently, a car was forced off the road in Calgary and the driver subjected to 20 minutes of death threats because of his “I love Israel”, sticker. A small blip in the news, and the silent roar continues.

I have met Muslims and Islamic leaders who seemed to respond to my audacious curiosity.  They had no apologies about carrying their hatred towards Israel and the USA, into life here under the umbrella of Canadian citizenship. Avoiding the responsabilties of freedom, they explore our contradictions like a wrestler searching for a hold. Ali, a known drug dealer uses this same logic. I have met zelots who burst into emotional flames at the mention of terrorist” buz words”. Yet we are pressed to embrace all with out discernment, in the name of tolerance.

It concerns me that the momentum is with the status quo of the Multicultural Trojan Horse. Multiculturalism is the undeclared, but officially enforced religion of the Canadian Government. To raise questions about ethics and motivational standards, immediately places us under fire. We are perceived as: religious dinosaurs, red necked bigots, and unpatriotic fools. We tend to respond by hesitating just long enough for the ratchet to tighten another notch.

I am convinced that we are the architects of our own demise. There has been a disturbing pattern of government in Ottawa. “How did Canada come to legalizing drug abuse for our youth?” we ask ourselves. “And, why is our government forcing us to dishonor family and marriage by legislated homage to homosexuals? It is actually very simple. What began as the denial of our own conscience and its moral responsibilities, has turned into a landslide for all manner of evils. We struggle to admit that our children have entered into a reality that we would not have wished on anyone. Our own lives have taken on an emptiness that we are reluctant to acknowledge. Into the fog and the voids, evil itself has slithered in. Our own moral loopholes have become access ports for a nightmare of consequences.

As this snake forces its way further and further down our national throat, it is critical to re-evaluate! Slam the door on our own personal compromises immediately! With clean hands, turn and face our accusers. See them for who they are and expose their deeds. Let their motives be under public scrutiny! We can still spit out this snake before it is too late. We must embrace the responsibility of becoming True Canadians, or face unthinkable consequences!

True Canadians can easily easily deal with terrorism, and embrace true multiculturalism when evil is not an internal partner. Diversity flourishes in the healthy environment of honesty. The world must find in Canada a solidarity that makes us more than just an attractive plum to be easily picked or abused.