No place for Trojan Horses & Judases
By:  Michael Dalle


They tell me "If you find a slave asleep, don't wake him up; he may be dreaming of freedom " and I reply , "If you find a slave asleep, wake him and talk to him about freedom".  Gibran Kahlil Gibran.

The great prophet Gibran is dead, but it seems General Michel Aoun has been reading his literature. General Michel Aoun like everybody else is not infallible. He loves his country and still continues to speak the truth loudly even during these hard and dangerous times that Lebanon is encountering.

Lebanon's enemies are not only the Syrian occupiers, or the Israelis, but also the forty-two so-called Lebanese deputies who are members of the Syrian-made Consultative Gathering . The enemy has risen from within. The self-proclaimed Kataeb president Karim Pakradouni and Lebanese Forces Party Chief Fouad Malek are live examples of modern-day Judases.  These Judases are hurting our people more than foreign enemies, and because of puppet leaders like them, some of the Lebanese people have become sleeping slaves.

Through seven thousand years of Lebanon's long history,  from Alexander the Great and the Arab invasions, to the oppressive Ottoman Empire, the Lebanese people were, and are still, capable of maintaining a kind of self-ruling autonomy in their Mountains. They always resisted invaders and managed to preserve their distinct identity because they worship freedom, champion democracy, and honor human rights. The Lebanese people strongly believe that they were born free, and accordingly must live and die so.

Lebanon has been blessed with philosophers like Kahlil Gibran, leaders like Bashir Gemayel, and saints like Rafka, Charbel, and Hardini. Lebanon has been blessed by the Virgin Mary with her Godly Son Jesus when they visited Sidon. Since then, the Holy Cross has been erected high on Lebanon's mountains, protecting and guarding the Lebanese people.

Are we, the Lebanese, still blessed and protected in our country of 10,452 square kilometers?
Are we still committed to Lebanon's code of ethics and honor?
Has the heretic "Taef Agreement" damaged our democracy and our championship for human rights?
Has the Syrian occupation killed our patriotism and our devotion to freedom and tolerance?

No, No. We are still the same people who taught the world the Alphabet, navigation, civilization and trade. Neither the "Taef Agreement" nor the Syrian barbaric occupation will succeed in changing our deeply rooted 7,000 years of history and civilization. We shall emerge victorious by God's Will very soon. Our faith is stronger then the occupiers' guns and oppression. Our Lebanon is too big to be absorbed or annexed,  and too small to be divided.

Our great leader Bashir Gemayel said: "Giving concessions to the enemy is a sign of weakness. We should not do it. Otherwise the enemy will take advantage of that". The Taef mockery proved Bashir was 100 % right. Since 1990, the enemy has managed to reach a crooked minority of sick politicians and turn them into puppet leaders. The enemy turned traitors into leaders, devils into clergymen, cowards into heroes, and a laisser-faire General into a puppet President.

Despite all the atrocities inflicted on Lebanon, many of our people are still quiet and silent. The brotherly enemy and its local servants did not stop there. They imprisoned a patriotic leader, Dr. Samir Geagea, on the basis of fabricated false charges. Unfortunately, public reaction was muted. They exiled General Michel Aoun, the PM of the country's legitimate government after he refused to give in to foreign plans aiming to marginalize Lebanon's independence, sovereignty and freedom. Here again, public reaction was not proportionate with this atrocity.

They forced more than 1.5 million Lebanese citizens to emigrate,  leaving the homeland they had defended for many years.  They finally installed in office a Judas Christian traitor who pretended to represent us. These Judases have never ever fought for the Christians or for Lebanon. They should be ashamed of themselves. These people should not be able to walk the streets of their neighborhoods because it is they who are causing the demise of the country, and it is they who are dividing the Christians and the Lebanese people. Still, some of our people are not motivated to stand up for their rights.

General Aoun's recent attacks on the practices of Beirut's puppet regime and on the Syrian occupiers are positive signs indicating that our cause is still alive. We cannot dream about freedom any longer, we need to grab it.  We need to go after all our so-called representatives one by one. We need to grab our destiny and fate from the wicked representatives, and only then we can face our enemies. Our enemies are within our communities. In order to defeat the enemies, we need to fight them from within first.  We shall not listen to their propaganda on how we are a minority and how weak we are. As Christians, we have been a minority in the Middle East for most of our lives, but we survived with great pride.We are a minority among minorities in Lebanon. Therefore we have the right like every other minority to demand who our leaders should be, and what our political line should state.

Let's all wake up, let's not dream any longer because our thousands of martyrs did not die so Trojan horses like Karim Pakradouni could go and meet Jumblatt in Mukhtara to discuss the Palestinian issue, while Christians are being marginalized. Our thousands of martyrs did not die so a chameleon like Walid Jumblatt would be allowed to attack us every time Syria presses its remote control, while the blood of his father is on the hands of his Syrian masters.  

Last, but not least, our martyrs did not die so that we are treated like second class citizens in our own country. That country that was built by the Maronites and was made a safe haven for all minorities in the Middle East. Let us remind our inside enemies that time is changing and like the great poet Bob Dylan once said:  "The weaker now will later become the strong, because the times they are a-changing".

To you traitors and occupiers I say that when we become strong again, you will be the ones to go in Lebanon's jails, and you will be the ones to be tried for the atrocities committed against Lebanon and its people, and you will be the ones who will pay for your treason.

Long Live  Free Lebanon