You Will Not Be Forgotten
Charbel Khouri
UALM - Australia

May 6th in Lebanon is known as Martyrs Day. It is the day when the Lebanese honour those who gave their life for the freedom of Lebanon. The martyrs of Lebanon are Muslim and Christian; they come from Mount Lebanon, Beirut, North Lebanon, South Lebanon and the Bekka. They are our national treasures. Through their martyrdom they gave Lebanon the gift of freedom, a gift that has been taken away from us from our so-called sisterly neighbour.

Martyrs day is a very special day. It is a day where the Lebanese, reflect and pay homage to those who sacrificed their own lives so that others may live. Those who died for Lebanon will always have a special place amongst the Lebanese.

Lebanon’s heroes are all those who fought bravely to defend their existence, the rights of their people, and a free, independent, sovereign, and democratic Lebanon. They fought with dignity and pride and they put Lebanon and their fellow Lebanese above themselves.

The martyr’s cause is a noble cause. They sacrificed themselves for their beliefs, aspirations and convictions. Something the puppets in occupied Lebanon would not know the meaning of. The martyrs died in the war of the foreigners on Lebanon and its people. They refused to give up their rights and they fought with bravery for their beliefs.

Each year, Lebanon’s Syrian installed puppets add insult to injury by taking part in the mockery of martyr’s day. They line up to lay wreaths at the monuments of our fallen heroes, they act as if they are sincere in their actions, but in reality they are insulting the martyrs and insulting Lebanon. With every word they utter in support of the brutal Syrian occupation they are desecrating the graves of the martyrs.

The Syrian controlled government is neglecting its martyrs. The people of Lebanon cannot accept a regime that deceives it people and pushes aside the cause that the martyrs died for. The puppet government of Emile Lahoud is leading Lebanon like a sheep being led to slaughter.

Thanks to the treachery of its so-called leaders, Lebanon itself is now a martyr. Lebanon was a country where freedom was a way of life, where human rights was respected and where the rule of law was implemented. It was an oasis in a harsh desert. Not anymore, thanks to Syria Lebanon is no longer the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ it is no longer the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ or the’ Switzerland of the Middle East’ instead now Lebanon is a haven for terrorists.

May 6th, is a reminder to all freedom loving Lebanese that they must not let the deaths of the martyrs be in vain. They should show respect and honour those who fell at the altar of Lebanon. Listen to the voice of the martyr. He is urging all Lebanese to continue the sacred journey, the journey to freedom, sovereignty and independence.

The spirit of the martyrs lives in all patriotic Lebanese. Lebanon is preparing to free itself from the chains of oppression and occupation. This is the day that the martyrs died for. They never got to see the Lebanon, which they unselfishly gave their lives up for. It is up to all Lebanese to make sure that the deaths of the martyrs will not be in vain.

You will never be forgotten for you are eternal like the cedars of Lebanon.

Charbel Khouri - UALM