Follow The Leader
Charbel Khouri

As the war of words between Washington and Damascus heated up last week, Lebanon’s politicians and other so-called leaders instantly assumed their natural positions as defenders of the dictatorial regime in Syria. The stance taken by the appointed politicians and other leaders comes as no surprise. It was expected that when Syria finally came to the attention of the US, that the Syrian installed puppets in Beirut would race each other to defend their terrorist masters and they did not disappoint. Like the loyal subjects that they are, they lined up to praise Bashar el Assad and his Baathist regime. By linking its destiny to that of the Assad regime the Lahoud Government has in affect sealed its own fate in the process.

Last week, Emile Lahoud, who was appointed President of Lebanon by Syria in 1998, stated that “The anti-Lebanese and anti-Syrian remarks, which recently came from the countries taking part in the military aggression, specifically the United States, is part of an Israeli-led propaganda campaign against the two countries,” he went on to say that “These propaganda campaigns and false accusations, which reflect a state of loss, will not succeed in changing the attitudes of the Lebanese and Syrian people,” One should ask Lahoud if he really does want to know what the attitude of the Lebanese people is?. All he is interested in is pleasing his leader in Damascus; the Lebanese people are the least of his concerns.

In a clear sign of anxiety and nervousness all of Lebanon’s top officials joined Syria in its rhetoric against the US. They all defended the Syrian Government even more than the Syrians themselves. Rafic Harriri the so-called Prime Minister affirmed that “Lebanon and Syria would remain together especially during the storm that is coming to the region.” Harriri’s comments are further proof of Lebanon’s submission to ‘Sisterly’ Syria. Even the Information Minister Ghazi Aridi felt that he needed to add his support for Syria and stated that “We and Syria have seen through the new imperialist scheme, and Syria plans to fight against this scheme as it fought the May 17 Accord and the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon.” This is the usual rhetoric that the Lebanese have come to expect from their so-called leaders.

If the Lebanese really aren’t puppets why then do they have such a vehement interest in keeping the sinking Syrian regime afloat? The only logical explanation for the Lebanese officials diatribe against the Americans is that they know that if the Syrian regime is changed they too will have no role to play either. The politicians in Lebanon are hoping that Syria is not affected by the current situation so that they too can remain in power. Without Syrian backing the leaders today would feel the mighty wrath of the Lebanese people who have fallen into a deep cycle of poverty. Due to traitors like Lahoud and the rest of the Government, Lebanon has fallen back into the ‘Dark Ages’ with human rights and the standard of living among other things at an all time low.

Like a sheep being led to slaughter the Lahoud Government is enthusiastically following it’s leader. The manner in which the Lebanese Government has acted is a clear acknowledgment of the control of Lebanon by Syria. For the past 13 years Lebanon has had no foreign policy of its own and its destiny has been ultimately tied to Syria.

Lebanon at the moment does not have an opinion; it only follows what the Syrian regime dictates. The Assad regimes days are numbered and it must be made clear to Lahoud and his cohorts that their days are numbered too.

Like the faithful servant’s that they are Lahoud and his Government are following their leader into an abyss that they cannot get themselves out of. They will ultimately pay the price for surrendering Lebanon to a tyrannical regime that has brought nothing to the people except death and destruction. The puppets know full well that they do not have the support of the Lebanese people and this is why they are relying on Syria to keep supporting them. The Lebanese people are actually hoping that Lahoud and the rest of the criminals don’t see the light and keep following the Baathist regime to its death. It will only be then that the Lebanese could bring back democracy and help build the real Lebanon.

Long Live Free Lebanon