Lebanon's Actual Enemies
By: Elias Bejjani
Time has run out. There is no more room for excuses. Not from officials, religious leaders or citizens to remain silent. The situation in occupied Lebanon has denigrated to an alarming rate. A level of deterioration that is dangerously disturbing in all domains; especially where general freedoms and human rights are concerned. Every Lebanese patriot has a duty to speak out
and tell the truth; regardless of the cost or consequences. It is imperative that all Lebanese start taking a concrete and active role in the restoration of their country's sovereignty, independence, and freedom.

Our duty has never been clearer; our calling never more urgent: as citizens we must identify and expose Lebanon's enemies; unveiling their devious, destructive plans, especially conspiracies targeting the Christian community that has become a perpetual victim for organized persecution and oppression. The Lebanese puppet regime has reached a state of comprehensive corruption on all levels. It is no longer the lesser of two evils to opt for consenting to blackmail and blindly swallowing the lies of this regime. The enemy must go. Now.

Who are Lebanon's enemies?
They are not only the foreign powers occupying the land and inflicting their evil atrocities on the people, but also those who enslave the freedom of the Lebanese. Many Lebanese officials, clergymen and politicians share culpability for abandoning their people in their time of need. When they should have been strong, they have been weak. Where they should have traversed the long and difficult road, they have instead preferred the easy road.

The enemy  is a president who has lost his conscious, abandoned his oath, alienated himself from his people and desecrated his country's sacred beliefs.
The enemy is a parliament that has acquiesced in the role of a rubber stamp, and became an instrumental robot, attempting to stamp a legal face on the occupier's oppressive hegemony.
The enemy is a government that is illegitimate and impotent. When it should have defended the human rights of its people, it has annihilated every shred. The enemy is a government has that no integrity, its members have debased their offices, rejected their duties as public servants and accepted the role of a merchant 
The enemy is a Bishop who is fighting viciously to confiscate his parishioners' free decision making process, instigating rifts between his community members and depriving them of revenue. The enemy is a Bishop who worships money instead of God, alienates believers from the church, serves the occupier's interests and does not portray Jesus' image.

The enemy is a priest who abandons his vows, ignores his holy obligations, becomes blind, deaf and numb to the needs of his people, his conduct and thinking are dictated by grudge, fails to communicate with his parishioners, conspires against God's message, and focuses on destroying his community's faith.
The enemy is a Judge who has forgotten the meaning of justice and negated all laws to become an instrument against the innocent citizens, and an enemy of Lebanon. So is an army officer who has betrayed his oath and succumbed to a life of enslavement, selling his integrity to become an advocate for the devil; hoping to gain some personal recognition and earthly wealth.
The enemy is a secret service agent who ignores his conscience; spying on and harassing his own people, thwarting their struggle to reclaim their country's independence and dignity.

The enemy is a fighter who lays down his gun and picks up a cheque book and calculator; turning against his own by selling himself to an occupier who aims to destroy Lebanon; forcing its people into exile and immigration.
The enemy is a reporter who has sold his soul to the devil to become an echo for the occupier; a magnifier of their lies.
The enemy of Lebanon is the Lebanese citizen who contents himself with the role of the silent majority, while his brothers and sisters are oppressed, stripped of their basic human rights, dragged into jails, humiliated and tortured. He has forgotten all about the martyrs whose sacred blood was shed to safeguard culture, history, freedom, and independence.

The enemy is a Lebanese citizen who refuses to fight to preserve and protect Lebanon's distinctive identity; who is not outraged enough to refuse to accept perpetual enslavement of his country, who does not witness for the truth, and does not have the courage to question the status quo, unmask the fallacies and call things what they really are.

It is a proven fact that a sick body cannot fight invading bacteria. By the same token Lebanon will not be able to defeat its occupier unless the majority of the Lebanese people abandon their fear, hesitation and double standards and are willing to remove the cancerous occupation: the tumor that is killing Lebanon. Lebanon's patriots' first responsibility is to clean Lebanon from within.When the enemy is no longer residing among them, they can wage a struggle to liberate their beloved country.  This is doable if the Lebanese have the courage of their convictions. They must have faith in themselves and in their just and holy cause. Lebanon will reclaim its freedom and independence once its people are fearless, inspired with hope and filled with

Let us all be Lebanese and only Lebanese.
Let us all be loyal to Lebanon and only to Lebanon.
Let us all honor Lebanon's distinctive identity and take pride in its deeply rooted rich culture and history.
Lebanon is ours.Its future is in our hands. Its resurrection is within our grasp
It is our right and our duty. Let us be worthy of the honor. Let us fight to reclaim it.

Long Live Free Lebanon