Lebanon's Students are its Heroes
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman

We can't help but express our ecstatic satisfaction and happiness for the marvelous work "Kaliat Hamad" mercenary members are achieving in a bid to safeguard Lebanon's national stability and the future of its students!!!  We can only attempt to salute their heretic stances with Ziad Rahbani's words, "we congratulate you and congratulate ourselves because of you".  We are proud and envious of their deep knowledge in matters related to conspiracies, moukhaberat tactics, and most importantly for their ongoing endeavors to immunize Lebanon's students against contagious diseases of sovereignty, freedom and independence.  We would not be exaggerating in expressing our jealousy and bitterness for the fact that these strange creatures are not amongst our ranks, but rather in Syrian and Arab ranks.

We commend the Syrianized "Kaliat Hamad's" politicians and clergymen for courageously asking Beirut's regime, the so called "State of law and institutions", to arrest and prosecute Lebanon's sovereigntists, and in particular the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) leadership.  The sovereigntists horrible crime was portrayed in a public call for a peaceful protest and demonstration, and in a proposal for Lebanon's schools to include a weekly one hour session in the curriculum, designated for teaching principles of sovereignty, independence and freedom.  We also congratulate the same group for asking the state's security apparatuses, especially the judiciary, to confront with firmness and abort the patriots' vicious schemes of targeting the state's reputation and national stability.

We actually feel safer and more relaxed now that "Kaliat Hamad" has cautioned Lebanon's Zionists, that it will not allow them to monopolize any demonstration and inflict a state of chaos.   It has promised to face any demonstration with another demonstration, on the same date and at the same location. 

Apparently, "Kaliat Hamad's" talented members have discovered that the opposition groups are "non homogenous, divided amongst themselves, losers and have nothing to offer to the people".  Mr. Nasser Qandil, the newest mercenary and Syrian installed MP, has alleged that the opposition groups were instructed by the Americans and Israelis to execute the demonstration!!  While his colleague, Assem Kanso, went further to say, "These anti-Arab gangs take direct orders from the CIA and other enemies.  He who wants to be on the American and Israeli side have no place in Lebanon.  It is time for these Zionists to recognize that Lebanon's only choice is its Arabic affiliation".

What the duo, Qandil and Kanso, and the rest of the "Yes Sir" team have skipped, was addressed by Mr. Walid Jumblat:
"The francophone Summit constituted a very significant event, but what was even more significant was the presence of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah at the opening ceremony. Lebanon of the past, the Lebanon of Michel Chiha, Charles Helou and George Nakache, it was very beautiful, but it was the Orientalist Lebanon. Today, there is a new Lebanon, the patriotic Lebanon, Islamic and resistant. This Lebanon is that of Sayyed Nasrallah whose presence at the opening of the francophone summit was very significant, whether Jean Chretien liked it or not. This presence gave Lebanon the tone of tomorrow, namely the combative Lebanon."

These stances are very clear and do not need any clarification.  They tag those who advocate Lebanon's sovereignty, identity, independence, and freedoms as traitors to the Arab Cause, pro-Zionists and servants of America.  They consider the democratic, multi-cultural, free Lebanon a threat to their power, authority, spiritual beliefs and the legitimacy of their cause

We wonder, since when has the linkage of freedom and democracy with independence and sovereignty become a poison and means to divide the Lebanese?  Sovereignty, as we know, has one and only one explanation; in a sovereign and independent country the people manage their own affairs freely without the presence of any foreign power that controls their will and decisions.  The linkage between sovereignty, independence, freedom and democracy is an ethical norm and a well known standard for any free society that does not require any further explanation.  Accordingly, we are annoyed and extremely concerned due to the fact that these basic national concepts are blur in the eyes and minds of some mercenary leaders whose present position unfortunately controls the fate of our Lebanon.   Their affiliation is questionable.

Despite all of the media fuss created by Beirut's political regime and its masters in Syria, we feel confident because these imported and dangerous concepts are held by no more then two hundred officials, installed by the occupier himself to serve his venomous schemes.  These concepts are crystal clear to academics in the education field and to the majority of the Lebanese people.  The puppet officials are isolated, scared and do not trust the people.  To cover up their treasonous conduct, they resort to oppressive and Stalinist means to intimidate and subdue the peoples' patriotic will.   The people have rejected these tactics and have forced all vicious conspiracies to end in vain.

The puppet regime sees no harm or infringement on any law by encouraging fanatics and fundamentalists to demonstrate, freely waving swords, axes, butcher knives and guns threateningly in the air.  According to the Stalinists' norm, such disgusting scenes are necessary to intimidate the people into submission.  All the while, the civilized peaceful demonstrations of students are banned and considered a threat to national security!!!

No power in the world can keep Lebanon under occupation and deprive its people from their holy right of freedom of expression.  The current occupier should learn from Lebanon's deeply rooted 7000 years of history that all occupiers and tyrants were forced to leave Lebanon with humiliation and disgrace.  Sooner or later, the fate of the current Syrian occupier will not be any different.

Lebanon's University students have successfully challenged the Beirut regime and demonstrated against closing the MTV station and muffling of freedoms with absolutely no hesitation or fear.  Their loud message of sovereignty, independence and freedom was delivered to the whole world despite the massive military siege, assaults and shameful atrocities inflicted on them.  In the meantime,  Lebanon's nationalists in occupied Lebanon itself and in Diaspora will continue their peaceful struggle with faith, perseverance and courage till the Holy Land of the Cedars is again a free country.   The whole world should recognize that Lebanon is an occupied country and that its regime represents the Syrian occupier and not the Lebanese people!

Lebanon's students are the country's conscience and the bright hope for its future.   We at the LCCC salute each and every student that participated courageously in the latest demonstration that gave the fearful and hesitant politicians a lesson in patriotism and true resistance.  The torch of liberation will remain glowing as long as Lebanon's heroic students remain tall as our Holy Cedars! 

History books will record Lebanon's liberator and heroes as you - our brave students!
God bless Lebanon's devoted students and grant them the needed faith to continue Lebanon's peaceful Liberation journey.

Long Live Free Lebanon

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