Prostitutes preaching the virtues of virginity
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman


Prodded by urgent Syrian orders, Beirut puppet officials, clergymen, and politicians have set free the rein to their deep-seated fanatic sick grudges. They have initiated a massive oppressive campaign targeting all Lebanese citizens and leaders who are calling for liberation from the Stalinist Syrian occupation. This time, their weapon is the  politicized and biased judiciary. These Lebanese mercenaries are fighting for the Syrian occupier who is endeavoring to stop the clock and prevent the patriotic sovereignists from pursuing their peaceful and civilized efforts. Locally and internationally, the patriots' campaign aims to liberate occupied Lebanon and reclaim its confiscated independence by calling for an implementation of UN Resolution 520 and passing the US Congressional Syria Accountability Act.

The Lebanese puppet regime was encouraged by Mr. Satterfield's latest statements in which he declared that the US State Department opposes the "Syrian Accountability Act". During his last visit to Beirut and Damascus, Mr. Satterfield reassured the Syrian regime that its mercenary services in the region are still needed and that his Department will do what it can to abort any potential changes in the US policy in the Middle East that has been in place for the past thirty years.

With Satterfield's reassurances, Syria sharpened its teeth and initiated a ruthless war through its surrogate officials in Lebanon against the sovereignists, both inside the country and in the Diaspora. This vicious scheme is not a secret anymore, and Syria is threatening to charge with treason any Lebanese in any place in the world who dares to communicate with a Jew or any other human being that supports or recognizes the State of Israel. Syria has set its own judiciary criteria for the Lebanese people: Any Lebanese who is not for its occupation of Lebanon is an Israeli agent and a Zionist. Using Satterfield's protective umbrella, Syria has decided that the time is appropriate to shut down all Lebanese opposition media. The closure of the opposition MTV television station is a first step. It also decided to imprison all patriots in Lebanon, and intimidate the Lebanese in Diaspora with the same venomous threats.

In this context, Lebanon's Central Security Council, controlled and operated by Syrian high-ranking officers gave the Attorney General, Adnan Addoum, a green light to fabricate false charges including treason against anyone opposing the Syrian occupation either in Lebanon or abroad. The judiciary scheme is set to target activists who participated in the Maronite Conference in June in Los Angeles, including those who advocated, supported and promoted the "Syria Accountability Act", Lebanese or American or dual citizens, and Lebanese individuals who have or are dealing with any Jewish American Congressman or Senator who  supports Israel,  any Lebanese or American of Lebanese descent who has been involved in any media opposition activity through any media means that is not pro-Syria and is pro-Israel. The scheme covers also all activities that might be launched by the opposition against Beirut's puppet regime including criticism to its policies.

The Syrian regime is extremely scared because of potential American policy changes in the Middle East. Changes that undoubtedly will champion a free, independent and sovereign Lebanon, not the Syrian satellite that it has been since 1976. American policies in the Middle East have undergone a fast and thorough review in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  All expectations indicate that Syria, which is on Satterfield's own official list of states that sponsor terrorism, will no more be cajoled and appeased by the American administration as the situation has been for the last 30 years.

The Syrian regime, through Lebanon's politicized judiciary is viciously targetting Lebanon's legitimate exiled PM, General Michel Aoun who is a fierce opposition figure to Syrian hegemony over Lebanon. During his last visit to the USA, Aoun met with numerous Senators and Congressmen, some of them Jewish. He was also hosted by Pat Robertson at the CBN. The main focus of the interview was Syria's occupation of Lebanon and the Syria Accountability Act. Aoun exposed the Syrian regime's atrocities and murderous activities in Lebanon. He courageously called on the American people to support Lebanon's independence through the implementation of the UN Resolution 520. Syria's angry and frantic response aimed at intimidation was vented through a hysterical Lebanese judiciary that went out of its way to fabricate charges against Aoun, FPM (Free Patriotic Moment) members, and other opposition figures. The standard canned charge is treason for contacts with pro-Israelis, a well-known fake charge that has been used in most Arab countries for the last fifty years to muffle any opposition voice or human rights advocates.

To Beirut's puppet officials: Your are like Judas. Shame on you and on your masters the Syrians. Isn't it enough that you have sold you conscience, stole the nation's resources, and forced its people to emigrate, and oppressed its patriots? Apparently you have no honor or pride, while your heretic charges are stupid and naive as the contents of your empty rotten heads. Every night before you go to bed and each morning when you wake up, remember what General Aoun has told you during his last interview with Al Jazera TV: "When it comes to patriotism, you can look no higher than your toes. Our foreheads are so high, as well as our pride, honesty and honor, while you are a live example of treason, slavery and thievery".

To Syria's Regime officials: the "Syria Accountability Act" that instigated your hysterical agitation tantrum will pass very soon. Learn quietly that all the fuss you artificially created in Beirut through your installed officials, politicians and clergymen, these human drums, would have been in vain. Take note that the American people, represented by their elected Senators and Congressmen can no longer allow their administration to sponsor countries like yours that nurture terrorism. Also don't ever forget the fact that your country has been on the US State Department's terrorism list for many years. Watch out, and stop your schemes...You can't legally charge the Lebanese patriots in the Diaspora, especially those living in the US. Remember that more than 3.5 million American citizens are Lebanese or of Lebanese descent. These American Lebanese people are beyond your manipulated judiciary system. Watch out and be cautious that any attempt to charge any American-Lebanese will fall back on you one by one.

To the Beirut puppet officials:  If in Syria's dictionary, "defending Lebanon and its oppressed people against occupation" is tagged as treacherous, then we are traitors.
If according to your "Baathist" criteria, the Lebanese Diaspora campaign advocating the implementation of UN Resolution 520 is seen as siding with foreign powers to isolate and attack the Syrian regime, then damn you are 100% right.
If you and your "Baathist" master are deluding your sick minds that imprisonment can deter the Lebanese Diaspora from advocating for a free, democratic, sovereign country, free from all foreign troops and influence, we advice you to wake up and stop your day-dreaming.
If you believe that Trojan horses like Karim Pakradouni, Fouad Malik, Michel Murr and   hired mercenaries like Nasser Kandil would intimidate Lebanon's patriots, then you are fantasizing. Wake up. Repent. And for your own safety, resign your official posts, and then go voluntarily into exile in some remote Syrian village before you are caught by the impending judgment day. We, the Lebanese Diaspora opposition activists challenge you legally to step out of your Syrian rhetoric and red lines, and try to sue any one of us. Be aware that if you do, not Syria, not Iran, not Iraq, and none of the bortherly Monarchies and Stalinist regimes will be able to help you against a fair trial in The Hague and other appropriate international courts.

To the Syrian regime officials: The Syrian Accountability Act of 2002 will pass if you like or not, so start taming your anger and agitation before you suffer a heart attack or a mental breakdown. This Act is an American internal issue that is championed and fully supported by the majority of the 3.5 American-Lebanese citizens. We support with no reservation President George W. Bush's call for democratization of Lebanon that requires US help at all levels to end Syria's occupation and restore freedom there. Take into account that your 1983 massacre of 241 USA marines in Beirut is still vivid in the conscience of the American people - as US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld reminded us recently. The two legislative bodies of the US Congress have adopted the Syria Accountability Act.  It has up till now the support of 163 members in the House of Representatives and 42 in the Senate. Are all of these USA lawmakers Zionists and traitors as you have been shouting and crying? Wake up and put an immediate end to your stupid and childish conduct.

To both the Beirut and Damascus regimes: Take note of this actual fact.  The impending shift in US Middle East policy is not entirely "made in Washington". Many US immigrants from the Middle East, and the groups that represent them, are mounting a grass-roots push for a thorough democratization of the entire Middle East. Understand that the origins of the Syria Accountability Act legislation are not in the State Department - which opposes it while expressing concern about Syria's role in Lebanon - but in the efforts of many Lebanese Americans who have pledged to end your bloody occupation of their homeland, Lebanon. Wake up and end your occupation willingly while you can enjoy the carrot, before the stick is used.

Long Live Free Lebanon

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