Together we will get back Lebanon
By Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman

For years, the tragedy of Lebanon has occupied the mind of many patriotic leaders. Some in that leadership have had the sense of historic responsibility to try and confront and end the tragedy with whatever means they had available, both politically and militarily. One milestone in that confrontation was March 14, 1989 when the Lebanese Army, supported by the people, rejected humiliation and oppression and fought the war of liberation with courage, bravery, and conscience.

Today, on the anniversary of that pioneering milestone in patriotism, we can conscientiously say that the war of Liberation is alive and well in the conscience and soul of our people. A people who have understood that all Arab and international schemes cooked up supposedly for them since 1990 were ultimately treacherous, deceitful, and poisonous gifts covered with blatant lies and false promises.

That War of Liberation was a message from our freedom loving people to the world that was written with the blood of martyrs to say: Lebanon is still alive, will never die, and will rise like a Phoenix. It is bigger and stronger than all the “brotherly” occupiers, no matter how violent and tyrannical they are.

The war of liberation was a message to all those who thought they were capable of enslaving the Land of the Cedars and repressing its people. Our people back in the occupied nation demonstrated that they are stronger than all of the oppression, suppression, persecution, false accusation, displacement, and impoverishment policies imposed by a local crew of Lebanese political, religious, and Mafia like fašades who sold their souls to the devil accepting the role of godless slaves and puppets. The period of March 14 was a courageous attempt from a great people to resist and confront the occupation and its symbols, and a just revolt against oppression and toadyism.

The War of Liberation created real and radical changes in the people’s awareness, concepts, and vision and removed the masks covering the phony faces and uncovered the bogus slogans behind which the regional and international professors of democracy hide. It proved that the Lebanese are fierce combatants and enhanced their devotion to freedom and their rejection of shady deals, and made them refuse even more the occupation imposed on their country. The War of Liberation freed the Lebanese people from traditions and made them aware of the conspiracy enveloping their country.

The wars ignited by the evil forces in our land throughout its recent history to destroy the unique Lebanese co-existence style are still ongoing in many forms. Even with the passing of about thirty years since the start of the latest conspiracy, its schematic and treasonous stages have not completed yet, but are getting uglier day after day leaving the livelihood and economical situation of our people to suffer with the ever increasing hegemony of the Syrian occupation over regime and land.

Here we are after much talk of civic peace in a situation of civic oppression caused by the terrorism of an alleged security system weaved by occupations counterpoised in dominating our destiny. Here is our freedom loving people after much talk of justice, in tombs, emigrating, or in the darkness of prisons. Here is our Lebanon after much talk of economic affluence and prosperity, and because of their betrayals, a country whose future generations are entangled in foreign debts and the people wailing from deprivation, unemployment, and neediness. Here are our leaders after much talk of security, peace, justice and the rule of law, nothing but heads of militias and mobsters whose justice is the domination of one community over the other and whose peace is fictitious and destructive to the country in order to serve their expansionist wishes. Here is our country after much talk of fighting terrorism becoming, and because of their toadyism, a hive of terrorism and terrorists.

We have become equal in the tragedy brought upon us by the conflicts of others on our land and the sharing of influence, interests and spoils while giving up our sovereignty, security, freedom and dignity. We have equally shared the humiliation and we have to equally share the responsibility to be able to attain freedom and dignity. We have to be partners in the War of Liberation that is fervent in the heart, soul, conscience, and emotions of every one of us.
Together we will get back Lebanon, all of Lebanon