Is anyone listening?
By: Elias Bejjani
Wise leaders of small countries in the world, like Lebanon, look to the United Nation and other International Human Rights bodies for protection against invaders and their expansionist schemes. They abide by International agreements and honor each and every one related to their country in a bid to safeguard their resources, independence, freedoms and borders. Contrary to this golden rule, the Lebanon's Syrian-installed regime continues to stupidly defy the United Nations and its Security Council resolutions. These same rules were responsible for protecting Lebanon and its sovereignty since its independence in the 40’s.  At he same time these occupiers of Lebanon who appoint its officials, regularly claim full abidance by the United Nations Accords its General Council Resolutions, Madrid Accord (peace for land) and all the other relevant accords and treaties. The Syrian regime also affirms its full honoring of the Choice of the Strategic peace. To that effect, the Syrian occupied Golan Heights stayed tranquil since 1967, not even one military operation has been launched against the Israeli occupier. It is a known fact that the Syrian military did not tolerate any disruption of tranquility since the occupation of these heights. It came down hard on whoever tried to disrupt the imposed tranquility through imprisonment and even death penalties.

The Beirut puppet and subservient regime officials have been crying foul and demanding for years that Israel should comply with resolution 420 and withdraw from South Lebanon. When Israel complied in May 2000 and left the Lebanese territories, they became hysterical and accused the Israelis of conspiring against Syria. They even tried to convince the people through the state controlled  media that the Israeli withdrawal took place in a bid to separate the alliance between Syria, and Lebanon, and create a conflict between Syria and Hizbollah.  The hidden agenda for the Syrian regime and for  its surrogate Lebanese government is to keep South Lebanon in turmoil and an open arena for wars of others. Their bloody Syrian-Hizbollah-Iranian-Israeli  game aims also to justify the ongoing Syrian occupation in Lebanon. The Syrians allege that their military presence in Lebanon is to protect Lebanon and its Hizbollah from Israel's aggression. Hizbollah, in return for his full acceptance of  Syrian custody, was given full control over  the Lebanese south territory where it has erected its undeclared Shiite state. Syria and its Lebanese surrogate had made the Chabaa Farms case like that of Jeha’s nail tail. Hizbollah defied  the UN Resolutions 425, 242 and 338 and declared official its pledge to continue its military struggle even after Israel withdraws from Chiba Farms. He even went further to claim that the struggle against Israel will continue till the whole Palestine is liberated. Chabaa Farms for the record was occupied by Syria before 1967. Israel occupied these farms in 1967 when it occupied the Golan Heights. Accordingly they are not covered by the UN Resolution 425 as Syria and its Lebanese puppets falsely allege, but by the Resolutions 242 and 338.

Beirut and Damascus regimes have officially accepted the UN demarcation of the blue line between Israel and Lebanon drawn after the Israeli withdrawal in May last year. The Lebanese acceptance came through a letter send to UN Secretary-General by President Emil Lahoud.  This letter stayed anonymous until the US ambassador to Lebanon unveiled its existence last month after a meeting with the current Lebanese PM. Mr. Raffic Hariri and foreign Minister Mr. Hammod.  It has become clear  since then, through many Lebanese politicians including Mr. Jumblat and Mr. Berri, that the presidential letter letter was sent without the knowledge of the Prime Minister/Foreign Minister at that time, Dr. Salim Hoss, or the pre-approval of the Parliament or even the Cabinet.

The irony of the whole charade is that the President denied the existence of such a letter as an attempt of alluding people from the truth. But the fact remains that the letter is real and a copy of it can be obtained at any time through diplomatic channels. The UN officials confirmed firmly this fact more then once, but declined from challenging openly the Lebanese regime.

As if it was not enough that Lebanon was put on the spot before the whole world,   General Lahoud during his recent visit to France persisted on claiming that the "Blue Line" is a mere confrontation line in between two rivals. The General unwisely disregarded the intelligence of the Lebanese people, negated the UN Resolution 425 and denied the existence of the letter.  In the same context Mr. Hassan Nassralah, Hizbollah's General Secretary announced publicly that his party will not abide by or honor any UN Resolution as far as Israel maintains its occupation to the Chabaa Farms. He also claimed that military struggle will not halt even after these Farms are liberated.

Such unwise defiant stands by both General Lahoud and Mr. Nassralah has placed Lebanon outside the United Nation's protection umbrella.. Accordingly it put the country in direct confrontation with the whole world, Israel and the United Nations. This uncalculated stance offered Israel on a golden plate the option and the green light to attack Lebanon and its infrastructure at any time its leadership decides to do so.

It is so Ironic that the Beirut regime headed by General Lahoud had threw a fit when the UN decided on decreasing its UNIFIL FORCES stationed in South Lebanon from 4,500 to 2000, while it is defying the UN and putting Lebanon and its people under the mercy of Israel.

The question remains:  If the goal is to Liberate Jerusalem and the whole Palestine from the Chabaa Farms, as stated By Sheik Nasrallah, who is going to provide the military backup?  Who is going to help in this Jihad war when all  the Arabic countries including Syria have fully and officially recognized  the state of Israel, and chose the path of negotiations instead of war for achieving peace in the region. They have accepted not only the Camp David Accord but also the Madrid and Oslo peace agreements. Three Arab countries already exchange full diplomatic relations the Israel, many have opened mutual commercial offices and the rest waiting impatiently for their turn.

It is the right of all Lebanese to know the truth, since it involves them and the existence of their country. The people of Lebanon are peaceful in their nature and oppose any unnecessary military uncalculated confrontation with Israel. They have learned traumatically through the last forty years how much the Arab countries including Syria are taking the back seat watch from a distance.  Not even one Arabic or Muslim country want to actually fight Israel, on the contrary, they helped in its establishment and still support its existence.

The only war the Arabs master is a rhetorical one, no more no less. In the mid seventies the PLO backed by many Arab and Muslim countries including Syria, wanted to Liberate Palestine form the coastal Lebanese city of Jouneih, and now Lahoud and Hizbollah backed by Syria are repeating the same scenario, but this time  from Chabaa Farms. People of Lebanon will not allow this kind of charade to be inflicted on them again. Enough is enough, let those who want to fight go back to their countries or to the countries that support them. Let them wage their wars from there, not from Lebanon.

No more war games in or from Lebanon, the Lebanese people have endured a tremendous loss of lives and destruction unlike anybody else in the region...Let those who advocate for war with Israel or other countries leave Lebanon and wage their Jihad from some place else.
We wonder if any one is listening???
Long Live Lebanon