Lahoud's “expatriate card” & Abi Nasre's “Members of Parliament”
By:  Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman

The time has come for the Lebanese immigrants to rejoice because General Emile Lahoud, the protector of “the nation of laws and institutions” so generously decided to issue them an expatriate card, a revelation he made to a delegation of expatriates that visited him last week at the Baabda Palace. This card that will allow the immigrants to visit Lebanon without the need for an entry visa, open bank accounts and may be to own property and invest in the land of their forefathers.

Thank God for his Excellency (the president of Lebanon) and his concern for the immigrants’ rights. After consulting son-in-laws and relatives, and asking for “brotherly” (Syrian) advice and conferring with those concerned about the fate of the “one people” in “two nations” he took his miraculous decision, liberally bestowing upon the immigrants more rewards than they deserve!!!

With his Excellency’s expatriate card, a supplement to his “relative’s” project, the appointed Member of Parliament Nemetallah Abi Nasr (12 expatriate MPs equally divided between Christians and Moslems), and with the blessings and wishes of MPs Qandil and Forzly we finally got our rights, therefore the deep-rooted problem of the Lebanese immigrants will be resolved with a resolution like all the other Syrianized superficial solutions that were imposed on the Land of the Cedars since 1990.

Poisonous solutions the Lebanese have suffered from like the “resistant Shebaa farms” lie, and Syria’s creation of a corrupt leadership roaming within Baabda, Qraitim, Ain El Tineh, and Nejmeh Square. Poisonous solutions through the fraternity and cooperation agreements, the enormous debt the country is in, the flawed naturalization law, in addition to the rigged elections and many more Syrianized treacherous solutions.

Congratulations to our people abroad. His Excellency, General Lahoud provided them with the expatriate card, MP Abi Nasr took care of their parliamentary representation, and a bunch of dissolute assumed the responsibility of marketing them in the mass media.

His Excellency and Abi Nasr should rest assured that neither the expatriate card proposal or the 12 MPs project will come to life not now and not ever because the Diaspora is much more aware of its interests than all those immoral and unethical people speaking for the occupation.

Let His Excellency know as he labors hard to renew his mandate, and let his relative who exhausted himself in France and Canada trying to market his heretical proposal that at the end only righteousness prevails and that every proposal that undermines the sacred rights of the immigrants especially the right to vote at large will be doomed with failure, disappointment, and condemnation.

Let the concerned parties know that the true patriots who believe in the dignity of the Lebanese both in Lebanon and abroad and in their full rights will not waver from exposing anyone hiding behind a religious sect, region, or party. Those patriotic people are abundant in and outside of the country and are on the lookout for all the ill willed and malicious proposals of those in public service that are working for outsiders.

The problem of the demographic imbalance caused by the wars of others on Lebanon, and which was fueled by the immoral and subservient actions of the Taef regime will only be solved by the Lebanese immigrants regaining their full rights that are guaranteed by the Lebanese constitution and protected by the Human Rights Charter, especially the right to vote at large.

Therefore, any proposal aimed at dividing the Diaspora and confiscating its rights will ultimately fail no matter who backs it. The conspiracies against the Diaspora have been exposed and no longer fool even the simplest of minds.

MP Abi Nasr’s proposal is being deviously circulated with the alleged notion that it has Bkerki’s blessing. Such an allegation is dangerous and requires a clear explanation from the Patriarch, whose alleged blessing would desecrate the glory of Lebanon.

The flaw in Abi Nasr’s proposal has been revealed with the expatriate card’s suggestion and the goal of both proposals is to marginalize the Diaspora and eliminate its role in repairing the demographic imbalance that has inflected Lebanon with the wars of others that still to this day target its existence, identity, and citizens.

We strongly ask the immigrant organizations to be very alert to this issue, to state their positions in regards to this matter, and to wisely, firmly and faithfully repel this attack. It is time to stop the sadistic ways being used. The time has come to listen and learn!!!

God Bless Lebanon