Lebanese Diaspora & the Trojans
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman
Repeatedly we have called on patriotic Lebanese citizens, clergy and leadership to take a courageous stance in regards to the hazardous and deceitful projects targeting the legitimate rights of the Lebanese in Diaspora. It is not a secret that the Syrian occupier and its Lebanese puppet regime have designated a Trojan's team of Christian M.P.'s, politicians, clergy and media men to facilitate and advocate for these devastating projects. These Trojans hide and masquerade behind their Christian affiliation all the while their Christian faith is no better from that of Judas who handed over his master to the Pharisees.

These treacherous projects aim to marginalize the constructive and powerful role of the Lebanese Diaspora, tame and subdue its community base, and strip them of their legitimate Lebanese citizenship rights. This heinous crime is committed against the Diaspora in a bid to maintain the imposed current Syrian - Baathist occupational status quo on Lebanon and hinder any rectification or adjustment to the imbalanced demography inflicted on Lebanon, thus revealing the true demographic balance of the Lebanese.

The proposed "Diaspora Card" that General Lahoud has lately bragged about in the presence of a visiting Lebanese Diaspora delegation, as well as its clone that Deputy Minister Issam Faris, has been advocating for, both deprives the Lebanese in Diaspora from their Lebanese citizenship rights. In the same context, we unanimously oppose and ridicule the proposed Bill by the appointed MP, Neimtallah Abi Nasr that designates 12 Diaspora MP's. This bill is a joke, has no precedent in any other country and does not offer a solution for the Diaspora's deprivation, but rather maintains the same heretic status quo imposed on occupied Lebanon..

Through these deceptive and unrepresentative plans and campaigns comes the Beirut regime's fake interest in the Lebanese Diaspora. Through cajoling and appeasing visits, conferences and seminars comes the hatching of heretic groups and organizations and most importantly false promises. They pretend to be sincere and genuine, while in realty they are a bunch of wild animals trying to viciously devour our people and keep them silenced and far away from their motherland, Lebanon and eradicate their roots from the country of their fathers and grandfathers. Their tools of destruction and manipulation are schismatic and made in Syria

What is in the future for the Diaspora is no more than malicious traps that can not fool even the village idiot. The Trojans entrusted to advocate for these veiled projects are Syrian puppets. They serve their masters who run the whole criminal show from their headquarters in the city of ANJAR. The aim of such venomous tactics is to abort the Lebanese Diaspora's huge potential influence and marginalize its role in freeing occupied Lebanon by infiltrating its communities with spies and traitors that have no honor, dignity or Lebanese patriotic affiliation. In this traitorous context many organizations are surfacing in the Diaspora as well media facilities that host false conferences and seminars to disseminate their evil propaganda.

On July 14th of 2004, in an interview I conducted with Dr. Jean Aziz, the Lebanese Forces representative at the Qornet Chehwan Gathering (http://www.10452lccc.com), he addressed all the above schemes targeting the Lebanese Diaspora and shed light on the actual hideous agendas in the domains of legalities, applicability and practicality in an academic, courageous and logical pattern. The following are excerpts from the interview:

"*All projects currently in circulation address the legal principle of Citizenship. They come in different forms, but in substance they are one. They are falsely constructed to give a phony aspect of patriotism with insincere concerns of the Diaspora's interests. They have been tailored to sever the ties between Lebanon and its citizens living in Diaspora.

*In the eyes of all international covenants of human rights, laws and constitutions, citizenship provides the citizen with two legitimate unquestionable rights: The unconditional permanent right of residency in the country that he holds its citizenship and the right to freely participate in its public and general affairs without any kind of discrimination. All of the current manipulative schemes in circulation aim to steal the above mentioned two rights from the Lebanese Diaspora.

*The obstacles that portray the legal shallowness and the fraudulent, illegitimate nature of these projects lie in what is alleged about the need for amending the "Lebanese Electoral law" to make it legal for the Lebanese in Diaspora to elect 12 MP's of their own; (Abi Nasr's project: six Muslims and six Christians).
For such a matter to become constitutional, it requires an amendment to the "Lebanese Constitution" itself and not to the "Electoral Law". It is worth mentioning that Article 24 in the "Lebanese Constitution" stipulates that the MP's seats are to be divided in accordance with the regions. This legal argument alone indicates with no doubt that the amendment of the electoral law will not serve the purpose advocated for and it clearly shows that the advocates for these projects and those who are behind them are trying to deceive the Diaspora and shuffle in its mischievous agenda.

*What is applicable and appropriate and does not require any kind of amendment to the "Lebanese Constitution" is the amendment of the "Electoral Law" to give the Lebanese Citizen in Diaspora the right to vote where ever he resides. This right is provided by most countries to their citizens (i.e. SYRIA, Iraq, Algeria, Canada, USA, France etc.).

*This amendment would fulfill all the legalities necessary, has no judicial obstacles, and is very practical. Lebanese Embassies and consulates all over the world fall under the Lebanese sovereignty umbrella and are considered Lebanese soil in the eyes of International covenants of law. The Diaspora's communities can cast their votes in these embassies and consulates, while modern communication technology would facilitate and render this process easy and with very low cost.

*Advocates for the schemes in current circulation are venomously involved in a big plot that aims to tame the Lebanese Diaspora. No one should ignore the fact that the majority of the Diaspora that were forced to temporarily reside outside Lebanon did so because of the oppressive occupational status quo imposed on Lebanon. A large number of them are willing to return to their homeland once it is again independent, safe and sovereign.

*What the Lebanese Diaspora has achieved during the last three years with respects to the creation of an effective Lebanese lobby and accordingly the advancement of a free, democratic and sovereign Lebanon, has been truly historical and borderline miraculous! The Lebanese people in occupied Lebanon look with great hopes and high expectations to their people in Diaspora and see them as the only means left for salvation.

*The Syrian occupier is fully aware of the tremendous capabilities and power of the Lebanese Diaspora. The old Syria guard fears the Diaspora because they know that the Diaspora cannot be intimidated by the cowardly tactics they use to intimidate the Lebanese in Lebanon. As a result, the Syrian occupier is preemptively attempting to abort the Diaspora's role and strip its communities of their rights as Lebanese citizens. This treacherous endeavor is seen in the sudden love expressed towards the Diaspora, the cajoling and extending of the diseased hand to the Diaspora communities.

*Bkerki and His Beatitude the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Sfeir, has no relation what so ever to any of the manipulative Diaspora schemes and plans.

*No one in the Diaspora should be tricked by any of these phony projects or fall into their traps. It is a patriotic obligation to fight them, expose those who carry their flag and make all the Diaspora communities fully aware of their evil objectives."

From the LCCC, we stress the fact that all the current regime officials and politicians installed by the Syrian Baathist occupier to run the affairs of occupied Lebanon, suffer from a devastating, subservient Dhimmitude mentality. This mentality has spread also to the minds and souls of many corrupted party leaders, clergy and Lebanese foreign dignitaries. These individuals are weak willed, have lost faith in Almighty God, in themselves and in their people. They have sold their values, patriotism and dignity and alienated themselves from the suffering, aspirations and hopes of their Lebanese brethren, both in occupied Lebanon and Diaspora. These humiliating creatures deserve no respect, nor do those who work for them in the Diaspora and advocate for their projects.

Any one who is serving the occupier and is trying to sell our Diaspora to the evil projects and false hopes should read James in his Letter 5:8-9:

"Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners! Purify your hearts, you hypocrites! Be sorrowful, cry, weep; change your laughter into crying, your joy into gloom! Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up".

God Bless Lebanon and Safeguard its Diaspora