Syria's Cain &  Lebanon's Abel
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman


The kind of inhuman and degrading official conduct, as well as the horrible atrocities inflicted by the Syrian ruling Baathist clique, against both the Syrian and Lebanese peoples are not at all different from those used by contemporary and past dictatorships to subdue and enslave their own people.

Among the many deadly ailments that the Syrian Baathist thugs are suffering from are  isolation and detachment.  They have isolated themselves inside the same Stalinist cages in which they have imprisoned their own people. They became completely detached from reality, living in a world of fantasy and dragging their own people further into economic, political, and cultural slavery. These "artistes" of the noir genre have been in power for the last thirty years, and have lost their human feelings and patriotic values.

The Syrian regime rhetorically asserts a mutual brotherhood with Lebanon, while actually inflicting on the Lebanese the worst kind of organized crime, ethnic cleansing, brutal murder, savage persecution, harsh oppression and slavery. In reality their false brotherhood has for role model the brotherhood that Cain had for his brother Abel.

They deal with the Lebanese people with the same enslaving and belittling mentality they use with their own Syrian people, who are led like sheep and are deprived of all their human rights. The Syrian Baathist regime officials are of a special bizarre cut, thriving on injustice, oppression, brutality, selfishness, and the mentality of ruthless despots. They enjoy seeing our people suffering and feel victorious for their vicious ongoing destruction of Lebanon as a state, disfiguring its balanced demography and annihilating its people's deeply rooted identity and civilization.

The Syrian Baathist regime has savagely occupied Lebanon since 1976 under the pretext of protecting and defending it against Israel. Meanwhile, according to their former president Amin Al-Hafez, they have handed over willingly the Syrian Golan Heights to the Jewish state. It is also well known to all Middle East observers that the Syrian regime has maintained an excellent and secretive relationship with Israel based on their mutual interests that are at the expense of the wellbeing, freedom, dignity and security of both the Syrian and Lebanese peoples. The sole aim of Syria's Baath officials is to remain in power at any cost and safeguard the regime that was erected thirty years ago. The Baathist regime is a regime of hired guns and mercenaries, specializing in rendering bloody and dirty services to the highest bidders.

Rhetorically they express animosity against Israel. Under this camouflage, they justify all kinds of atrocities and brutal infringements against human rights in both Syria and Lebanon. They also apply a double standard towards the State of Israel. On one hand, overtly, they preach hatred against it and advocate for its destruction. They target with this camouflaged policy their own people, as well other Arabic and Islamic countries. On the other hand, covertly, they maintain with it a stable and peaceful relationship . They prohibit all kinds of military actions against the "enemy" from their occupied Golan Heights, while supporting, supplying, and defending the military activities of Hizbollah and other radical groups in Lebanon against Israel. In fact, the entire construct of the alleged Syrian animosity against Israel - the "Zionist entity" - is one big lie and a pretext for the survival of the Baathist regime.  

The Syrian Baathist regime is responsible for all kinds of crimes against Lebanon's people. From stealing the country's wealth and prosperity, to sucking its people's blood and sweat, and obliterating their identity and annihilating their history. At the same time, the Syrian regime has executed an evil and treacherous scheme aiming to force Lebanon's youth and educated class to emigrate and leave the country. It has encouraged an estimated one million and a half Syrian workers to illegally move into Lebanon and compete with Lebanese workers and entrepreneurs.

The Syrian Baathist regime officials continuously resort to deceit every time they are pressured to withdraw their occupying army from Lebanon. All their games have been exposed and do not convince anyone anymore. Meanwhile, in a bid to deceive the international community and prolong their occupation of Lebanon, Syrian officials and their installed Lebanese regime puppets create a great deal of media fuss every time a Syrian army contingent is moved from one crossroads to another. In this context came the latest so-called Syrian army redeployment in the vicinity of Beirut, in the Bekaa Valley and in the North. The redeployment was portrayed by Damascus as a good Syrian gesture and an implementation of the "Taef Accord", while in fact it was futile and of no strategic importance. In fact it underestimates the Lebanese people's understanding and belittles their intelligence and judgement.

The Lebanese do not demand a game of redeployment, but the full implementation of UN Resolution 520 that was issued on 17 September 1982. This resolution calls for the withdrawal of all non-Lebanese forces from Lebanon, and for the strict respect for Lebanon's sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence under the sole and exclusive authority of the Lebanese Government through the Lebanese Army throughout Lebanon. The patriotic Lebanese are calling for the immediate and complete termination of Syrian hegemony over the Lebanese government and its officials including the president, House speaker, Prime Minister, members of parliament, politicians, political parties, security leadership etc. They are calling on Syria to withdraw its army and all the militias, gangs and terrorist groups that it nurtured, trained, protected and manipulated.

The Syrian games of redeployments are coming to an end very soon, and Syria will be forced to withdraw its army.  This withdrawal will be achieved through the civilized and peaceful resistance of the patriotic Lebanese, and strong pressure from the USA and the international community. In this context, all the latest cajoling and appeasing tactics used by Beirut's regime officials, politicians, clergy  and media aiming to find an outlet for the Syrians will not work.  The recent regional changes after the fall of the Iraqi Baathist regime will see to that.

The patriotic Lebanese in occupied Lebanon and all over the world will continue to lobby for their country's liberation and defend its 7,000 years of history and civilization, its unique identity over its 10,452 square kilometers,  all basic human rights, and its dignity as a sovereign, independent, and free democracy.

Lebanon the 10,452 square kilometers will soon be liberated from the Syrian occupation to be free again. Our people's undefeatable weapons of faith and hope will prevail.