Syrian list of Lebanese citizens detained in their Jails
(announced by Judge Adnan Adoun on Thursday 14/12/00)

Name & Crime Sentence
Youssef Ahmad  drug smuggling 10 years
Ahmad Khalil  drug smuggling 20 years
Mohammed Musawi  drug smuggling 13years
Hani Mustafa  drug trafficking 20 years
Khalil Hamad  drug smuggling 10 years
Amer Shihan  drug smuggling 15 years
Badreddine Ghandour  drug smuggling 10 years
Wael Akkawi  counterfeiting not tried
Ali Mazloum  drug trafficking not tried
Ali Jamal  drug smuggling life
Sami Aloula  drug trafficking 10 years
Abdel-Karim Jassem  drug smuggling 10 years
Nabil Oqda  drug trafficking not tried
Hussein Ayoub  drug smuggling 7 years
Mohammed  Bourji  drug smuggling not tried
Mohammed Amoun  theft not tried
Hani Abdullah  drug trafficking 3 years
Khaled Ess  theft not tried
Mohammed Bayan  drug smuggling 10 years
Mohammed  Hassan  drug smuggling Not tried
Hassan Hassan  smuggling  not tried
Sarkis Hagop   gold smuggling 3 years
Daoud Asaad Kabir  forgery not tried
Ahmad Radi  drug smuggling life
Ali Masri  drug trafficking not tried
Hamad Awada  rape not tried
Mohammed Jafar  premeditated murder 12 years
Ali Yassin  counterfeiting not tried
Joseph Khweis  premeditated murder 20 years
Walid Estafan  money counterfeiting 2.5 years
Ghassan Badawi  larceny not tried
Ahmad Ammoun  counterfeiting not tried
Mossim Kohilian  auto theft 2.5 years
Mohssen Dirani  counterfeiting not tried
Ali Hiq  auto theft not tried
Nazih Saltiah  auto theft not tried
Abdel-Latif Hammoud  bad check not tried
Fawaz Ali  drug trafficking not tried
Nasser Kenaan  attempted murder not tried
Jamil Hawash  smuggling not tried
Mohammed Hammoud  swindling not tried
Talal Baghdadi  armed robbery not tried
Ali Khaled  counterfeiting not tried
Yehia Awad  counterfeiting not tried
Ali Ghandour  drug smuggling not tried
Ibrahim Mahmoud  premeditated murder not tried
Ibrahim Musa  smuggling  not tried
Mohammed Miqdad  smuggling not tried
Haitham Majanini  assault and robbery not tried
Khalil Majanini  assault and robbery not tried
Ali Jaafar  drug smuggling not tried
Faisal Shehade  drug possession 10 years
Qassem Atieh  armed robbery 10 years
Shehade Wehbe  drug smuggling 20 years
Mohammed Qanso  drug smuggling 20 years
Morshed Younes  drug smuggling life
Fatima Zawd  drug smuggling not tried
Imad Shatila  larceny not tried
Mustafa Said  drug smuggling not tried
Ziad Allam  drug possession not tried
Nadwa Zaid  drug smuggling not tried
Hussein Hamade  drug smuggling not tried
Ali Wannous  drug smuggling not tried
Fadi Qadi  squandering funds not tried
Fadi Hatoum  squandering funds not tried
Adel Atrash  larceny not tried
Issa Issa  rape not tried
Walid Abdullah  premeditated murder not tried
Lamia Wakim  prostitution not tried
Mohammed Abdo  robbery  not tried
Suweidan Ghazi  drug smuggling 5 years
Ahmad Khodr  drug smuggling not tried
Khodr Harb  drug possession not tried
Salim Khalifeh  armed robbery not  tried
Samer Fadel  attempted murder not tried
Mohieddine Assad  larceny not tried
Rahhal Saadoun  premeditated murder 15 years
Nasreddine Hussein  smuggling one year
Ahmad Abed  smuggling not tried
Othman Attiya  smuggling not tried
Samer Breish  misappropriation 15 years
Hassan Masri  premeditated murder 12 years
Raafat Masri  drug smuggling 12 years
Marwan Abu Ghida  manslaughter not tried
Mohammed Fadl  drug trafficking not tried
Qassem Faour  drug trafficking not tried
Taleh Askar  drug trafficking not tried
Siham Shouraiteh  facilitating prostitution not tried
Hindiya Radi  drug trafficking 20 years
Siham Murtada  drug smuggling not tried
Halima Masri  premeditated murder not tried
Yvette Ghantous  drug smuggling not tried
Taj Dineh  drug trafficking not tried
Mahmoud Shandab  premeditated murder 15 years
Nabil Fawaz  premeditated murder 15 years