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Human Rights’ advocates are harassed in occupied Lebanon

Dear Human Rights Supporter,
The Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation CLHRF, calls on you to take a brave stance and support the case of Mr. Kamal El-Batal, a well known Lebanese Human Right’s advocate, founder and Secretary of MIRSAD. (A Lebanese Human Rights Organization).

Mr. Batal as of late been lately the target of occupied Lebanon’s Security and Intelligence authorities after he has advocated actively and openly during the last four months defending his comrade in Human Rights advocacy Dr. Mohammed Mughraby, in his struggle to unveil Lebanon’s politicized judiciary.

The Beirut security authorities have fabricated false charges against Mr. Batal and are going to prosecute him through a military court on September 25/2000.

The main objective for prosecuting Mr. Batal is to muffle his free voice and intimidate through him Human Rights advocates in occupied Lebanon. We ask you to help Mr. Batal in his case, because by doing so you will be helping the oppressed Lebanese people and deterring the Beirut regime from going on with its atrocities.

We ask you to write to the UN General Secretary, Vatican, Arab League, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, as well as to Foreign Ministers of France, USA, England, Italy, Canada, Australia, and all European countries. We ask you too to call on your MP’s and send letters in this regard to all media means.

Human Rights is in danger in occupied Lebanon, let us convey this message to the whole world.

Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
Secretary & Webmaster

CC: To the Honorable Mr. Lloyd Axworthy, Canada's Foreign Minister

Support Mr. Kamal El Batal in his fight for his freedom

Dear members
Attached is a sample letter we ask you to email to the following emails in support of Mr El Batal,
fax it also to MPs and to media means in your country.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
Patriarch Sfier (
Catholic Information Center (
USA Congressman Gilman ( visit his site and send the letter
USA Eliot Engel (htttp:// Visit his site and send the letter
ECOSOC- UN -Elie Abu Aoun (
Amnesty International (
Human Rights Watch (
UN Mrs Robinson (
United Church of Canada (

And if think is helpful to:
General Lahoud (
Nabih Berri (
Salim Hoss (

The Letter
Your Excellency,
I have great concern for the rights of  Mr. Kamal El-Batal, a well known Lebanese Human Right's advocate, founder and Secretary of MIRSAD. (A Lebanese Human Rights Organization.)
During the last four months, Mr. Batal, a consistent and open defender of fellow Human Rights advocate Dr. Mohammed Mughraby has supported him in his struggles to unveil Lebanon's politicized judiciary. In so doing, he has managed to evoke the ire of occupied Lebanon's Security and Intelligence authorities. Lately, they have made him their target. Fabricating false charges against him, they intend to prosecute him through a military court on September 25/2000, despite the fact that he is a civilian and has committed no crime.
They hope by muffling Mr. Batal's free voice, to intimidate other Human Rights advocates in occupied Lebanon.  By helping Mr. Batal, we strike a blow for freedom of speech and for the respect and safeguarding of human rights. We provide hope to a weary and oppressed Lebanese people and send a strong message of deterrence to the Beirut regime that their rape of Lebanon and of human rights and democratic values will not stand.
I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.