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Beirut regime monitors & harasses Lebanese in Diaspora

The CLHRF condemns the arbitrary arrest of Dr. Carlos Keyrouz by the Lebanese security forces on the 12th of May, 2002 as he was entering Lebanon through the Beirut International Airport to visit his family.
Dr. Keyrouz, who is a well known Lebanese Forces supporter did not infringe on any law in Belgium or in Lebanon.
He was arbitrarily arrested and humiliated by the Lebanese security forces without any legal justification, and without a arrest court order. Dr. Keyrouz had the courage to confront the Lebanese Ambassador in Belgium few months prior to his arrest in a Lebanese celebration at one of the Maronite Churches there. Dr. Keyrouz, who holds the Belgian citizenship, had asked the Lebanese Ambassador in the church hall not to advocate for the Syrian occupation to Lebanon and to keep politics away from that event. That was his crime. His crime in the eyes of the Lebanese regimes was his courage to express his own opinion freely, in Belgium and criticize the Syrian occupation.
Dr. Keyrouz was detained in Beirut for three days for interrogation on his comments to the ambassador. He was released only after the Belgian government intervened, as well as numerous Human Rights organizations. Dr. Keyrous was informed after his release that he has to appear in front of a military tribunal to answer for his behavior.
The CLHRF calls on the Canadian government, United Nations, Arab League and all human rights organization to pressure the Lebanese government and also the Syrian regime to put an end for their on going monitoring, harassment and terrorization of Lebanese citizens living in Diaspora who oppose the Syrian occupation of Lebanon and expose atrocities and crimes committed against patriotic Lebanese men and women.

CLHRF Media Chairman
Edmond El Chidiac