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To:  His Excellency Mr. Bill Rammell MP,
House of Commons, London SW1A 011

Your Excellency
It was really very bizarre, biased, frustrating, and extremely contradicting to learn what you have said publicly inside the British House of Commons in regards to the Syrian Baathist Assad Regime, and its oppressive occupation to Lebanon since 1976.

Your excellency, we wonder if you are actually still a minister in the current British government that took and still taking a very aggressive military role in toppling the Iraqi Baathist Saddam Regime and its supporters?

How could a respectable and well informed politician like yourself advocate for a Baathist regime in Syria, while the army of your country, as we speak, is still fighting the Iraqi Baathist terrorists in Iraq. Don't you believe that your stance is apparently based on a very poor political and human rights tunnel vision?

Do we need to remind you that the Iraqi Baathist regime is the identical twin of the Syrian Baathist regime? We are definitely sure that you are more than aware of this fact.

Your Excellency how could you ignore all the substantial facts available to your government in regards to the criminal record of the Damascus Baathist regime? Although these facts show clearly without any slightest doubt that the kind of horrible atrocities inflicted by the Iraqi Baathist regime on the Iraqis, are very modest when compared to those inflicted by the Syrian Baathist regime on both the Lebanese and Syrian people during the last thirty years?

How could you allege that Syria is not occupying Lebanon and what kind of criteria you have used to take this biased stance?
If the Syrian military presence in Lebanon is an an occupation, what then an occupation is?

Your excellency, Lebanon is an occupied county by the Syrian Baathist regime, its people are oppressed and persecuted, their basic human rights are infringed on and 75% of them are currently living below the poverty line.

We call on you and on the British government to support our people in their peaceful struggle for liberation and freedom, through the implementation of the UN Resolution 520.

CLHRF Spokesman
Elias Bejjani