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Because neutrality is a crime,  the CLHRF calls on on the Canadian government and on all the European and peace loving countries to take a clear stance and support openly and with no hesitation the USA and its allies in their war on terrorism and dictatorships.

The road to victory in Middle East war is threefold. First is Disarmament. The USA and its allies must immediately disarm the elements that threaten the free democratic world and civilization; and in doing so they must undo the popular perception, earned by the previous abandonment of their missions in Lebanon and Somalia as soon as they became costly, that they are unwilling to pay the price to attain their objectives. Second, they must Democratize. As of now, oppressed peoples have no peaceful means of recourse against oppressive regimes; the only route available to them is the hateful anti-Americanism of fundamentalist Islam with its perverted Allah of homicide and suicide. Finally, the USA and its allies must pursue economic Development to ensure the economic stability to sustain Democracy.

Long since obsolete is the notion that turning a blind eye towards oppressive regimes is proper where it promotes “stability”; we now know that the only true stability factor in these nations is a middle class free of the economic desperation which renders one suggestible to extremism.

All three “D’s”—Disarmament, Democratization, and Development—are mutually dependent. Disarmament of brutal regimes should pave the way for Democracy, and Development should be Democracy’s sustenance. Democracy without Development is temporary; and absent Democracy, Development leads to corruption.

The worldwide debate about the war in Iraq will probably go on for years and many are the explanations for the war. But one thing is certain: Very positive and pioneering things are likely to come out of the war for Iraq and the Middle East.

One such a positive outcome is that the Iraqi people will soon be free of a dictator who terrorized them for decades. They will not be afraid anymore to speak their mind, criticize their leaders, or discuss their ideas openly. More importantly, they will decide their future for themselves as a people, and not by decrees promulgated by a single thug. This process has already started since every “Saddam” building, square, airport, or street are being renamed. The ever present “Big brother is Watching You” oppression is being lifted.

Another positive development will be the eventual demise of the Saddam-like dictatorial regimes in the Middle East because of a new US foreign policy towards that region. That major policy shift has cast aside pragmatic unprincipled “No-action containment policies” for “Action-based proactive policies”. Appeasement and containment that became the hallmark of US foreign policy in the Middle East have miserably failed to produce an evolution to democracy in the Arab world. On the contrary, they led to radicalism and hatred of America and the West, and eventually to September 11. Democracy, justice, freedom, and human rights lead to stability, peace, and true friendship between peoples and countries.

No one wants war. No one likes war. War brings death and destruction. But we should remember that the people of Iraq have been fighting alone their own war against the terror and oppression of Saddam and his regime. Purge after purge of Iraqi politicians, intellectuals, dissidents, and outspoken activists, compounded by the barbarity and brutality with which these purges were implemented, the use of chemicals weapons against Iraqi civilians who dared say NO to the brutal regime, and the list could go on and on.

The decision of the USA President and his team to adopt a new policy towards Iraq and the Middle East is a brave and courageous one. It is a quantum leap from the Cold War era of passive appeasement to a new 21st century-oriented proactive combat for democracy and freedoms. Human nature is universal. What is good for Westerners is equally good for the peoples of the Middle East. We all want the same freedoms and quality of life. No one should be denied the right to fight and earn their liberty from tyranny.

We strongly believe that the next target for the Freedom Fighters should be the Syrian regime that has been occupying Lebanon and torturing its peace loving people since 1975.

We salute The USA President, his Government and the Congress, and more importantly all the troops who are putting their lives on the line for the sake of a higher and noble cause.

Spokesman for the CLHRF
Elias Bejjani