Eight Major Canadian Lebanese Community Organizations Call on their Bothers & Sisters of the  American Lebanese Community members to Vote for President George Bush

For Immediate Release
October 28/2004

On behalf of the eight major organizations listed below,representing the Lebanese-Canadian Community which strongly advocates the Human Rights Charter, cherishes peace, and believes in the unaniable right of people to pursue happiness, we openly and fervently call on all our sisters and brothers of the American Lebanese Community to get out in great numbers and vote to re-lect President George W. Bush in the upcoming November 2, 2004 presidential elections.

We believe that one of the greatest priorities in the fight against terror and religious fundamentalism actually lies in the advocacy for a free,sovereign,multi-cultural, secular and truly democratic Lebanon.

We fully endorse President George W. Bush for a second term as President of the United States.We are basing this endorsement on the President's record of supporting policies we deem to be in line and representative of the aspirations,desires and dreams of the majority of the Lebanese people in both occupied Lebanon and the Diaspora

We in particular support the highly valued principles which the President has articulated in his noble and courageous international campaign against terrorism and the promotion of human rights, democracy, multi culturalism, tolerance, freedom, women's rights and self determination of the Middle East people in general, and the oppressed Lebanese in particular.

We hail President Bush's administration, for adopting the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003,  and its full support to the UN Resolution 1559 that calls for the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, the dismantling and disarming of all Lebanese and non Lebanese militias, and for the legitimate right of the Lebanese people to run and control their own affairs without any foreign inferences.

Our organizations strongly believe that a strong anti-terrorism US administration benefits Canada tremendously and assures it's' people freedom and prosperity.We further believe that President Bush will continue to work hard along with the Canadian government towards strengthening the bi-lateral relations between our two countries.

May God Bless Canada
And May God Bless America

William Kazzi /Kataeb-Lf, Canada
George Chamoun/ Action For Lebanon, Canada
Robert Hanna/Council Of the Lebanese Canadian Organizations, Canada. (COLCO)
Charbel Barakat/The World Lebanese Organization, Canada (WLO)
Edmond El Chidiac/The Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation, Canada (CLHRF)
Camille Saade/ The Phoenician Club of Mississauga (PCM)
Camille Bhersafi/ Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club (CPCSC)
Elias Bejjani/The Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council,  (LCCC)

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