CLHRF supports the Canadian Government in Banning Hizbollah
LCCC (15/12/02): The Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF) issued a release yesterday in which it strongly supported the Canadian Government in listing Hizbollah on the terrorist's list. It said that the Canadian degree has fulfilled all the needed Canadian judicial and human rights criteria. The CLHRF called on the Canadian Government and on all the Free Democratic countries, as well as on the UN and international Human Rights organizations to advocate for the implementation of the UN Resolution 520, and support the Lebanese in their peaceful and civilized struggle for liberation, freedom and independence. The CLHRF stressed the fact that Lebanon is currently an occupied country and that its government does not represent its people, but the Syrian regime that has installed it by military force, oppression and through brutal infringements on every law and human rights' convent and declaration. It also reminded the Canadian Government and the free world that the Lebanese people under the Syrian hegemony and its Beirut installed government are deprived of their basic rights, especially in domains of free speech, practice of democracy, labor, movement and political affiliation. The release made it crystal clear that numerous armed militias, spearheaded by Hizbollah, Lebanese and non-Lebanese (operationally fully controlled by Syria) are still in control of certain cantons through which they impose fanaticism imported radical ideologies, as well as violence and intolerance.  The CLHRF reaffirmed is peaceful means for achieving its objectives.