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The CLHRF once again strongly denounces the arbitrary detention of  Dr. Mohammed Moghrabi by the Lebanese Syrian-appointed government that lasted for 21 days.

Dr. Moghrabi's conditional release on 29/8/03, that harshly dictated a ban on him practicing law, is another horrible atrocity that is unjustly inflicted on this world renowned Human Rights Activist. This condition has no legal grounds and no acceptable civilized ethical or moral justifications.

The CLHRF understands this banning condition as an unconscionable Stalinist crime committed against Dr. Moghrabi's successful professional performance as a lawyer. With cold blood and without conscience the Beirut puppet regime is evilly trying to assassinate Dr. Moghrabi's  human rights services of advocacy that he offers to hundreds of innocent victims every year.

According to Lebanese law Dr. Moghrabi is entitled to continue to practice his profession as a lawyer until a court of law such as the Court of Appeal decides otherwise.

The CLHRF considers the whole case that has been fabricated against Dr. Moghrabi to be a political taming and intimidation maneuver based on venomous grudges, lack of tolerance and hatred.

The CLHRF calls on all the countries of the free world and all human rights international and local organizations to put pressure on the Lebanese Syrian installed regime to drop all charges submitted against Dr. Moghrabi, and to fully respect and safeguards his rights as a professional lawyer and practicing human rights advocate.

Spokesman for the CLHRF
Elias Bejjani