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Mr. Darrel Issa's political tunnel vision!!!

The CLHRF feels extremely disappointed that a well known American legislator of Lebanese origin has apparently a narrow political tunnel vision. We wonder why Mr. Darrel Issa, the USA Republican Congressman is investing his position, power and personal contacts to serve only the interests of the Syrian Baathist Stalinist regime?

The CLHRF questions with suspicion Mr. Issa's actual agenda who has taken an initiative for a prisoners' swap between Hizbullah and Israel that would shield Syria against sanctions for its occupation to Lebanon, his grandfathers' homeland? We wonder why Mr. Issa is not focusing as an American of Lebanese descent on the Human dilemma of the Lebanese detainees in the Syrian jails?

Is Mr. Issa aware of the bitter fact that hundreds of innocent Lebanese citizens are still arbitrarily detained in Syria's notorious Stalinist jails since years without any kind of trial, and deprived of all their basic rights? Is he aware that Syria does not even recognize the whereabouts of these conscience prisoners, and refuses to allow the Red Cross or any Human Rights' organization to visit its Jails?

We ask Mr. Issa to adopt a just, and comprehensive approach towards the detainees held in Syria, Israel, as well as for those imprisoned arbitrarily in occupied Lebanon. We, also ask him to support the USA Syrian Accountability Act, that calls for U.S. sanctions against Syria if it fails to withdraw its army from Lebanon in compliance with U.N. resolution 520.

Apparently Mr. Issa is hoping that this three-way initiative would improve his chances to seek a seat in the Congress in the next U.S. elections. While there is nothing wrong in Mr. Issa's intentions, we strongly believe that he should re-channel his peace efforts to help in the release of the Lebanese detainees held in Syrian, Israeli and Lebanese jails.

CLHRF, Spokesman
Elias Bejjani