Press Release 19/8/2001

Dear Lebanese-Canadian patriots:
Once again, our brave and patriotic national leaders are assaulted savagely, and again our heroic people are paying a high price for proclaiming courageously freedom, sovereignty, independence, dignity and human rights. Numerous Lebanese groups, parties, movements and individuals form different religious and political backgrounds have been voicing strong support for democracy and the withdrawal of the Syrian occupation army. They have utilized civilized means of expression through press releases, advocacy and peaceful demonstrations. Meanwhile, the foreign occupation (Syrians) are continuously kidnapping, terrorizing, intimidating, falsely charging and detaining arbitrarily, innocent Lebanese citizens and boldly infringing on all laws and regulations. Young women and men, opposition leaders, doctors, scholars, lawyers and teachers have been assaulted, humiliated, arrested and falsely charged after a peaceful demonstration. More then 200 members of the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement were among the arrested and accused falsely for trying to overthrow the government, disrupt national peace, and incite division in the country.

The Lebanese people are now asking where are the tranquility, freedom and peace the Syrian appointed Beirut regime has been stupidly bragging about since 1990? This subservient regime encourages fanatic and non-Lebanese groups to threaten the general public with guns and mass massacres without any legal deterrent? The people of Lebanon are fully aware that this regime does not represent their hopes and aspirations and is not going to champion national unity, liberation from foreign troops, common living, democracy or freedoms.

Our dear Lebanese brothers:
It has become a routine escape mechanism for the Beirut puppet regime to instigate confusion about outside conspiracies. The aim is to shift public focus from the disastrous economical crisis people are encountering on daily basis. It has become a routine practice for the authority to use excessive force against innocent Lebanese citizens any time they express any kind of concern for freedom, liberty and justice.

As you already know, two weeks ago numerous black-shirt, plain clothed men (Syrian Intelligence) ruthlessly assaulted hundreds of peaceful protesters in front of the Justice Ministry (Justice palace). They also roughed up Lebanese Army troops and police officers when they attempted to stop the beatings. Witnesses stated that the scuffles flared around the Justice palace for three hours in central Beirut before troops and red-beret Lebanese riot police managed to smuggle out the protestors away from the savage black-shirts. The clash came as authorities fine-tuned their charges against opposition detainees to stop a snowballing uproar over Lebanon's alleged drift to an army-ruled police state. Beirut authorities alleged that the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement have been conspiring to partition Lebanon into sectarian federal states, wagering on an Israeli military strike. This fabricated scenario has shaped up from alleged army interrogations. They also claimed the LF and the FPM were scheming to fragment the nation's fighting machine to coordinate with the hoped-for Israeli blow to enforce the partition.

Several parliament members shrugged off all charges as a poor attempt by the regime to justify the 'huge blunder' of staging the biggest wave of mass arrests since 1975 without legal grounds. The protesting legislators charged separately that the arrests were evidence that the army's intelligence branch was scheming to oust Premier Hariri's government and install a military junta in power. The Beirut puppet regime has reached a desperate breaking point after all of its previous attempts to crush the freedoms have failed. The Syrian occupier and its local subservients, including the so called three Presidents, must realize that the Lebanese people are born free and will die free no matter what the sacrifices might be. Their weapons are faith, hope, self-confidence and a strong belief in Sheik Bashir's ideology of 10452 square kilometers undivided!

These Syrian occupiers have gone blind to the fact that the Lebanese people are a proud people that will not kneel to anyone except to God himself. They will never accept anything less than 100% freedom and justice for all regardless of the price. The Syrian occupiers have gone blind to the fact that the pillars of freedom, identity and liberty have been deeply engraved in Lebanon’s Holy ground for the last 6000 years. The borders of our Lebanon have been irreversibly carved with the blood, sweat and tears of our brave ancestors! They have gone blind to the fact that Lebanon, the heaven of democracy, tolerance and multi-culturalism would seize to exist once its Lebanese Christian Community is marginalized and the unique Lebanese identity eradicated.
My dear fellow Lebanese who respect Human rights and stand for self-determination and freedom; The Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation calls on YOU to advocate courageously for Lebanon's Holy cause of liberation. The Lebanese in Diaspora have an obligation to support their oppressed people in occupied Lebanon and to be their loud voice all over the world. Our peoples' voice have been muffled and their will has been strangled - Lebanon is on the brink of destruction. Let us make the Canadian government aware of this tragedy.

Let us update our Canadian Government on the current occupational status quo in Lebanon. Let us pressure the Lebanese and Syrian authority through Free world countries, Human Rights Associations and religious organizations to stop all prosecution against freedom and democracy in Lebanon and put an end to their assaults and savage persecution against the Lebanese Christian community. We also ask of all of you to proclaim the truth and name all collaborators whom ever they are; clergymen and politicians who sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver. What is needed today is a complete clean up of our society from all traitors and Syrian collaborators.

"You may chain my hands and shackle my feet; you may even throw me into a dark prison, but you shall not enslave my thinking (and my voice) because it is free." -Gibran Khalil Gibran
Long Live Free Lebanon

For the CLHRF
Elias Bejjani (Secretary & Co-ordinator)
Edmond Chidiac (Media Chairman)
Camille Saade (Foreign Affairs Chairman)