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Toronto - Canada
December 18, 2004


It is extremely encouraging and hopeful for advocates of peace, democracy, human rights, equality and tolerance that the Western Free world, led by France and the US, is becoming more aware and better focused on the most destructive and influential two tools used by terrorists and terrorism: education and the media.

In this realm, the CLHRF hails the US and France for the courage and decisiveness they demonstrated in their recent decision of banning Hizbollah's Al Manar satellite TV station. Meanwhile, we call on the rest of the European countries to do the same.

Hopefully, Al Jazera TV will be next on the list, not only in Europe and the US, but also in Canada and all over the world, including the Arab countries. This station openly preaches hatred, intolerance and violence.

The CLHRF strongly believes that the Free World countries in general, and Canada and the US in particular, have a moral and ethical obligation to monitor and regulate all educational instruments and facilities that advocate for terrorism, no matter
under which umbrella they are camouflaged..

To successfully eradicate terrorism and keep the whole world safe from moral disasters, its two tools, namely education and the media must be dismantled and made ineffective. Hopefully, the societies of the Free World will pay more attention to these dangerous tools of mass destruction and deal with them accordingly.

Only through persistence, faith, values, tolerance and the right education we can advance principles of justice and decency worldwide.

CLHRF Spokesman
Elias Bejjani