Joint Press Release
From the Christian Coalition International Canada,
Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation, CLHRF,
Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council, LCCC ,
Lebanese Information Center, LIC, and the
World Lebanese Organization
Representatives for the above four groups recently met to discuss matters of mutual concern and interest on the national and international level, and decided the following points of action:

1. To co-ordinate their relevant Human Rights' activities which address the Middle East in general and occupied Lebanon particular, with an intense focus of the hundreds of Lebanese innocent citizens arbitrarily detained in Syria's notorious jails deprived of their basic human rights without any just and fair trials.

2. To co-ordinate mutual ethical, and religious activities, in regard to family ties, teaching religion in schools and preserving the Judaeo-Christian religious definition for marriage.

3. To work together to educate the Canadian public and politicians on the devastating status quo of Syrian occupation to Lebanon and all atrocities inflicted by this occupier on the Lebanese people in general and the Christian communities in particular.

4. To lobby for the implementation of the UN Resolution 520 (S/RES/520 (1982)Adopted by the Security Council at its 2395th meeting held on 17 September 1982 ). It calls for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Lebanon and for strict respect of Lebanon's sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence under the sole and exclusive
authority of the Lebanese Government through the Lebanese Army throughout Lebanon.

5. To strengthen our ties and mutual affliations by encouraging the Canadian Lebanese Community to join the Christian Coalition membership.

6. To hold regular meetings to explore, study and decide on issues of mutual interest.

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