Mr. Baaklini, Lebanon's Ambassador to Canada repeats the same irresponsible comments
LCCC: Below is the context of a verbatim translation from the Arabic language of Lebanon's Ambassador to Canada, Mr. Raymond Baaklini's controversial, hostile and threatening statements that were published today (in Arabic) in Al Anwar Lebanese newspaper. This is the link for the statements
Ambassador Baaklini: A number of immigrants working to disturb relations with Canada
Lebanon's Ambassador to Canada Remon Baaklini said that a number of Christian Lebanese immigrants in Ottawa are working on disturbing Lebanon's relations with Canada. He described them as fanatic groups, Zionised more then the Zionists themselves.
In statements published by  the Saudi "Asharqalawsat newspaper" on 13.1.03, ambassador Baaklini said: "more then 90% of the media facilities in Canada are submissive to the control of Zionist groups and institutions, as he had stated previously to "Sada Al Machric" Arabic newspaper, that is published and distributed on the Arabic community in Montreal. He clarified in his statements how these media facilities (in Canada) work through inspiration from the Zionism control over them. The Ambassador said that some Lebanese, all are Maronite Christians like me, took advantage of what I have said and translated them on purpose in a deviated way that reached the Canadian Foreign Ministry.   It (The Canadian Foreign ministry) summoned me and asked for explanations. I illustrated my real points of view and explained that my statements were accusations to Zionist groups, and that I did not say in my statements to the Arabic newspaper that these groups are Jewish, but Zionists. This removes any doubts that the statements had anti Semitism enmity that officials in the Canadian Foreign Ministry had feared, as he said.
The foreign Ministry's summoning
Baaklini explained that he served in the past as Lebanon's Ambassador in   Libya, Sweden, Gabon, South Korea and France. Stated that he has visited the Foreign Canadian Ministry last Friday and met with John Macnee, the Foreign Minister's Deputy and presented to him all the explanations. I found that they were not interested at all with what is published by the newspapers. and that he was satisfied and content with my explanations, especially that he was provided with another right translation of the statements that I gave to "Sada Al Machric", in Montreal. But the problem was heated more in the last two days only in the newspapers that are working through inspiration from Zionist groups and institutions in Canada. They (the newspapers) mentioned that the officials in the Canadian Foreign Ministry are annoyed by my statements and thinking to ask Beirut to withdraw me from my position as an ambassador, this is not true at all.
Zionist shop,
Ambassador Baaklini said, He comes from Bzebdien village in Baabda district (Lebanon). He lives in Ottawa with his wife and two sons, Abdu and Daniel.
He said that those who disfigured his statements are from the Christian Lebanese immigrants in Canada, "they have opened a Zionist shop on their own account in this country, luckily they are minority, they are rightists and do not represent except themselves. They have dangerous Zionist ties and inclinations. They work behind the scene to put all Lebanon on the terrorism list and not only Hizbollah". He said that (the Christian Lebanese immigrants) they have no ties with parties and political groups in Lebanon, like the Lebanese Forces or others".

CLHRF voices its serious concers
The Canadian Lebanese Human Rights contacted the Canadian Foreign Ministry this morning and conveyed to the designated officials the Canadian - Lebanese community's serious concerns in regards to Mr. Baaklini's irresponsible, offensive accusative, threatening and hostile comments. It asked that the Canadian law be enforced on Mr. Baaklini because his comments are not acceptable in Canada. The CLHRF believes that Mr. Raymon Baaklini must be declared persona non grata and thereby expelled from Canada because such behavior is inconsistent with his duties and responsibilities as a diplomat accredited to Canada.”