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December 12/2005

For Immediate Release

Lebanon needs international custody in both Security & Judicial domains

We condemn the terrorist, sinful and dreadful crime that targeted in Lebanon this morning Lebanon's prominent journalist, politician and MP, Gebran Tueni.
Mr. Tueni was brutally and cowardly murdered in a car bomb explosion with three of his bodyguards, while many others were injured.

The CLHRF strongly holds the Baathist Syrian regime and its Lebanese and Palestinian security-militia remnants who are still active in Lebanon full accountability for today's hideous crime, and for all crimes and human rights atrocities that have been targeting Lebanon and its people for the last thirty years.

The CLHRF believes that this horrible crime necessitates that the international community and the free world speed up their effective and serious efforts to fully implement the remaining clauses of the UN resolution 1559 as pertains to the disarmament of all Lebanese and non Lebanese militias and the sole deployment of the Lebanese army on Lebanon's border with its both neighboring countries, Syria and Israel.

Meanwhile we caution that there cannot be in Lebanon nor in the whole Middle East justice, permanent and long-lasting peace, security, stability, or safeguard for liberties and democracy in the presence of states and cantons within the state of Lebanon, as is today the imposed status quo, in South Lebanon, the Beirut southern district, the Palestinian camps and in several other Lebanese regions.

The booby-trapped car that the criminal hands exploded via remote control Gebran Tueni's armored car today while passing at Al Mukales area in Northern Al Metn region did not only have Mr.Tueni for target, but all Lebanon with all its constituents including its identity, existence, sovereignty, coexistence, multitude, stability, and future. It also targeted all the sovereign Lebanese citizens and their free patriotic leaders who are honestly seeking to reconstruct the state of law and institutions, impose the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and spread the authority of the state via its own forces on the totality of its land. It is also a desperate venomous attempt from local, regional, and international fundamentalist and terrorist forces whose identity is know to all and which seek to safeguard its interests in Lebanon by keeping it as a theater for their wars and the base of its crimes and a refuge for its cadres.

This revolting crime is part of a continuing chain that strongly persists on planting discord in the "Home of Cedars" by forces that wish Lebanon ill. It is also certain to be part of the latest chain of assassinations and explosions that targeted lately leaders from all Lebanese groups and in the Christian regions of " Northern Metn and Keserwan".

The CLHRF expresses its deepest regrets to the victims and calls on our Canadian people and government, as well as on the international community, represented by the UN, and on the Lebanese authorities, to apprehend the criminals and all their supporters, because nothing can stop this terrorist series of attempts except the enhancement of the state’s security organizations after “Lebanizing” them, and the confiscation of all illegal weapons from all armed militias and the establishment of the state’s authority on all Lebanon’s territories and on its borders.

We offers our sincere condolences to Gebran Tueni's and other victims' families, we also wish to our beloved mother homeland, Lebanon, to remain steadfast in its peaceful message and endeavors, ingenuity, and excellence, and to its free leaders who believe in Freedom and Democracy we wish a bright victory on all forces of terrorism, fundamentalism, and ignorance.

CLHRF Spokesman
Elias Bejjani