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 July 8/2005

For Immediate Release

There is no neutrality in the war against terrorism

The CLHRF staunchly denounces the savage criminal terrorist assault of fanaticism, awkwardness, hatred and cruelty that took place yesterday in London - England, and targeted thousands of innocent citizens. Our Federation offers its heartily felt condolences to the victims' families and pray for the quick recovery of the hundreds who were seriously injured and are struggling for their lives.

We urge all countries, especially our beloved Canada, to focus more seriously, effectively and practically on the devastating hazards of terrorism taking in consideration that not even one country in the world is safe, all are potential targets.

All countries are required to openly and strongly join the USA in its declared war against terrorists and terrorism where ever they are and against who ever supports, harbors, finances, advocates for, and facilitates their criminal acts by any means.

London's crime should awaken the Western free world leadership in particular, and those of the middle East in general to the reality of terrorism that some of them would like to wish away. All world-wide leadership should be fully aware of the fact that non of their countries is immune or safe and that it is only a matter of time when their turn will come.

No country should delude itself that there is any room for neutrality in this kind of war. It is a war that has no precedent in history, a war that targets civilization and every thing that is civilized.

The CLHRF strongly believes that a major effort and venue in this war lies in disarming all non governmental organizations, that advocate for violence, lack of tolerance, fanaticism and suicide mentality.

In this context we urge Canada and the rest of the Free world countries to continue their pressure through the UN to ensure the full implementation of the UN Resolution 1559, that calls for the disarmament of all Lebanese and non Lebanese militias, and for the Lebanese legitimate authorities to control and patrol Lebanon's borders with its neighboring countries through its own armed forces.

CLHRF Spokesman
Elias Bejjani