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June 7/2006
For Immediate Release

 In Response to the Recent Developments of the Captured fundamentalist terrorists


To:  His Excellency, Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mr. Stockwelday, Minister for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, all federal Conservative Cabinet members, our honourable leaders and Members of Parliament, the courageous officers and staff of CSIS, RCMP, OPP and all other relevant Canadian law enforcement agencies and all our freedom loving Canadian countrymen


On behalf of the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation and the hundreds of thousands of Canadians of Lebanese descent who believe in the basic tenets of freedom, democracy and peace, we would like to extend to you all our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your courageous and swift actions in capturing those fundamentalist terrorists who cowardly plotted to sabotage our great country Canada’s innate freedom, democracy and innocence.


We know first hand of the evil and hatred harboured by extremists towards anything and anyone who do not follow their fundamentalist beliefs, and we have fought and continue to fight a long and bitter battle in Lebanon to free ourselves and our ancestral land from this backward, subservient and fanatic mentality.  Lebanon was and is much like our Canada in that it was born of freedom and democracy and can only exist as such.  Unfortunately, elements of these terrorists still exist in Lebanon in  and for this reason, many freedom seeking Lebanese have sought a better life – a life of guaranteed freedom, democracy and peaceful equality – a life in CANADA. 


The fact that rogue elements of this terrorist mindset have infiltrated our adopted country and society makes us sick to out inner core.  We, as Canadian-Lebanese stand by you Canada and promise to actively defend the great pillars of this nation in any way that we can.  We encourage you to continue to seek out these foul terrorist elements and subject them to the one thing they hate the most – law & justice.    


Our Federation fully embrace all human rights, freedoms and democracies.  Also, as Christians, we proudly wear our fundamental cloaks of peace, love and forgiveness.


In closing, on behalf of the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation and all proud Canadians of Lebanese descent, We wish to stand and proclaim those famous words written by Robert Stanley Weir, “...God keep our land glorious and free!  O Canada, we stand on guard for thee…”


Yours Very Truly,

 Elias Bejjani

clhrf/Speaker & Media Chairman