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March 4/2005

For Immediate Release

Occupied Lebanon Calls For Your Support

On behalf of the Lebanese Canadian NGOs and our Lebanese Canadian community who advocate for a free, democratic, sovereign and independent Lebanon, we happily and enthusiastically declare our full support for the peaceful and civilized "Cedars Revolution" that has been ongoing in our homeland Lebanon since the 14th of this month.

We are deeply touched by the vocal, straightforward and strong support of the Canadian public, media, NGOs, human rights activists, academics, politicians and officials. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those we have made public their supportive stances for the free will, determination and peaceful struggle of the Lebanese people for human rights, peace, liberation and freedom.

We greatly appreciate the firm and decent support of the Conservative leader and leader of the opposition, Mr. Stephen Harper, the Conservative Party Foreign Affairs Critic, Mr. Stockwell Day, the Christian Coalition (International) Canada, and the Canadian Coalition for Democracies for their publicly stated positions that have touched us deeply at this turning point in Lebanon's history, and we shall never forget their friendship and support. They make us proud to be Canadians.

Long Live Freedom
Elias Bejjani
CLHRF Spokesman, LCCC Media Chairman