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March 27/2005

For Immediate Release


We strongly denounce the latest vicious terrorist crime of March 26, 2005 that targeted the industrial zone in the "Sadd al-Boushriyeh" suburb of East
Beirut with a devastating car bomb explosion.

We renew our call on Canada, the Free World countries and the UN to urgently provide help, support and relief to the Lebanese people in their courageous and peaceful revolution against both the Syrian occupation and its collaborator Beirut puppet regime through the full and complete implementation of UN Resolution 1559.

Through these car bomb attacks that have suddenly become daily occurrences in Beirut as soon as Syrian Forces and Intelligence Services began their
withdrawal, Syria is delivering on its President Bashar Assad's open threats to visit destruction and a scorched earth policy on Lebanon if his army of
occupation is forced to withdraw. The Baathists' criminal hands have struck again, while Syria and its depraved collaborators in the Lebanese regime are more
adamant than ever to abort through terrorism the "Cedars Revolution" of the Lebanese people in a bid to justify a permanent Syrian occupation of Lebanon.

The Syrianized Lebanese security agencies, backed by their Baathist masters, are definitely behind yesterday's blast in the heart of Christian Beirut on
the eve of Easter, as they were behind the assassination of former Prime Minister Hariri and all other crimes that have targeted over the years the
Lebanese people and their patriotic leadership. They are trying to force the Lebanese to choose between freedom and security. Blindly and stupidly, they are
trying to show a need for Syria's military presence in Lebanon in the midst of a Syrian troop withdrawal that is being carried out under intense Lebanese, regional and international pressure. The Syrians are deluding themselves that they can destroy Lebanon's national unity against them through intimidation, threats and terror. But the Lebanese will remain steadfast until every Syrian soldier is out of the country and every criminal Lebanese collaborator is held to account for his treason.

These criminal acts, planned and executed by Syria and its agents, will not deter the Lebanese people's strive for liberation and freedom, and will surely not
make them reverse their struggle for freedom, sovereignty, and independence for Lebanon and for peace in the region.

Lebanon is at a crossroads: Either independence, sovereignty and freedom, and that is what the majority of the Lebanese want, or turmoil, destruction and
ongoing occupation as the Baathists in Syria are viciously trying to impose. The whole world has a moral and legal obligation to see that terrorism and
terrorists are defeated in Lebanon and that the "Cedars Revolution" of the Lebanese people is victorious. For otherwise, the Middle East and the world at large will know no peace and terrorism will prevail.

We hail the courage, faith, and perseverance of our beloved Lebanese people and wish them a Happy Easter.

The resurrection of Lebanon is a certainty, and no evil power can keep this great country in the graves
of occupation.

Long Live Freedom

Elias Bejjani
CLHRF, Spokesman, LCCC Media Chairman