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March 24/2005

For Immediate Release

Forty days & the assassins are still at large!!

Forty days after ex PM Rafic Hariri's assassination on February 14/2005, the victim's family, the Lebanese people and the whole world remain in the dark, and uninformed about the identity of those who committed the horrible crime, while the assassins are still at large shielded from justice by the Syrian Baathist rulers and their subservient Lebanese appointed officials on all levels.

Many unbiased observers believe that the Beirut Syrian installed regime and its secret intelligence are behind the crime perpetuated in full coordination with its Syrian masters. The occupation regime has been from day one, hiding and twisting facts, camouflaging, deceiving, committing more crimes through explosions targeting Lebanese civilians, and fully obstructing all related just investigation procedures.

The free world and United Nations have a human, moral and legal obligation to see that justice is served with no delay. The Lebanese and Syrian officials, be secretive agents, politicians, rulers or individuals, those who are actual culprits, instigators, masterminds, accomplices or negligents should be put on trial and punished. The current Lebanese regime is not eligible to carry on the needed investigation, nor the trials, We strongly believe the UN should step in and take over.

The horrific assassination of Mr. Hariri, the unsuccessful attempt to kill MP Merwan Hamada, and all other crimes that the Beirut Syrian appointed regime is committing on daily basis against the Lebanese people and their leadership are a black mark in Lebanon's national history and a venomous assault that targets each and every Lebanese in both Lebanon and Diaspora. The Lebanese people will not rest until they know the truth, and see that the criminals are put on trial and punished.

CLHRF denounces the new devious crime committed by the Beirut regime and its Syrian masters through an explosion that targeted on Wednesday the "Kaslik, shopping mall center (near the city of Jouniea) killing three people and injuring many others.

The CLHRF renews its call on the Free World Countries and the UN to pressure Syria and the Beirut regime to fully and immediately implement the UN Resolution 1559 and help the Lebanese elect their own parliament in a free and democratic election process under international supervision.

Long Live the Truth
Elias Bejjani
CLHRF Spokesman, LCCC Media Chairman