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March 19/2005

For Immediate Release

Putting an end to Syria's crimes against Lebanon, is the Free world countries' obligation

The CLHRF denounce the crime that was committed today against innocent and peaceful Lebanese citizens in one of Beirut's residential suburbs (New Jdiedie -North Meten), where a car bomb exploded wounding at least six people and causing extensive damages to the area.

"This is a very clear message from the Syrian Baathists and the pro-Syrian Lebanese regime and its armed militias", said Mr. Elias Bejjani, CLHRF, spokesman and LCCC Media Chairman. "There is no doubt that this vicious crime follows numerous explicit threats by the Lebanese Syrian-installed President Gen. Emile Lahoud, his General Security Director Gen. Jamil Sayyed, as well as by many Syrian officials who declared openly that the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon will lead to security deterioration, instability and civil war. We call on the UN and the Free World countries to increase their pressure on the Syrian regime and its collaborator Lebanese officials to immediately and unconditionally implement UN Resolution 1559 and to secure an environment conducive to free elections."

Without the intervention by Baathist Syria, Lebanon's Stalinist neighbor, and without the made-in-Syria and Iran-armed militias, Lebanon can thrive in peace as a united, democratic, independent sovereign and peaceful nation. When free, the peace-loving Lebanese people can re-build their country, and elect a parliament and a government that actually represent their hopes, aspirations and wishes.

"Syria is good in Syria, and Lebanon is good in Lebanon", Patriarch Nasrellah Sfeir said in Washington yesterday. Thirty years of Syrian dominance over Lebanon has led to disasters in each and every aspect of Lebanese life. Because of the Syrian occupation, Lebanon is reeling under a national debt of more than forty billion US dollars, one third of its people have been forced into emigration, its Syrian-appointed officials serve Syria's, and not Lebanon's interests, Freedoms are oppressed, and democracy has been eradicated.

"The Lebanese people who have been peacefully demonstrating against the Syrian occupation since former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri was assassinated by Syria on February 14, 2005 cannot face these Baathists' crimes alone without the effective help and support of the UN and the Free World . Syrian rulers and their Lebanese puppets should not be allowed to terrorize the Lebanese people as they have been doing to the Iraqi people. The Free World has an obligation to support the Lebanese people in their peaceful "Cedars Revolution". Otherwise, the Middle East will know no peace and terrorism will prevail", warned Mr. Bejjani.

Edmond El Chidiac
CLHRF Media Chairman