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March 14/2005

For Immediate Release

The Lebanese, renewed their vow for freedom & Liberation

The CLHRF hails the courageous Lebanese men, women and children from all walks of life and denominations who today in one voice chanted peacefully and loudly "Freedom, sovereignty, independence, Syria Out," and unfurled a huge Lebanese flag at down Beirut in the biggest protest ever in contemporary Lebanese history.

Huge crowds from all Lebanese regions and exceeding one million people flooded Downtown Beirut's Martyrs Square, spilling over into nearby streets, while more from across the country packed the roads of the nation's capital in response to the opposition call to demonstrate for the complete and full withdrawal of Syrian occupation troops, and in commemoration for former PM Hariri who was assassinated one month ago.

"We want only the Lebanese army in Lebanon". "We are coming to liberate our country", "We are here to demand the truth," "The Syrian regime and its local puppets are challenging us, and we are here to show them that we will not surrender". "We are determined to liberate our country, and we will not stop"; are few of many placards held high by the demonstrators. They sang the national anthem and chanted "Truth, freedom, national unity," The throng fell silent at 12:55 p.m. the exact time PM Hariri was killed four weeks ago by a huge bomb in Beirut. The silence was broken only by church bells tolling and the flutter of flags.

The huge protest today echoed loudly and courageously the wishes, hopes and aspirations of the majority of the Lebanese people, and voiced their heartily-felt strive for freedom and liberty. They showed that the authentic Lebanese are crying out for liberation and for the end of Syria's occupation of their land. Today's 100% pure Lebanese protest affirms that the Lebanese are united, can and are capable to take care of their own affairs and that they demand an immediate end to the brutal Syrian occupation and its installed subservient regime in Beirut.

The CLHRF calls on Canada and the rest of the Free World countries to maintain their pressure on the Baathist Syrians and their clone Beirut regime to implement UN Resolution 1559 completely and without any delay.

Our Lebanese community is grateful for the strong support of the Canadian public.

Elias Bejjani

CLHRF Spokesman, LCCC Media Chairman