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March 13/2005

For Immediate Release

Baathist Syria Out, Liberty, sovereignty & independence

The Lebanese people from all religions, denominations and regions, in both Lebanon and the Diaspora are proving every day without any shred of doubt their strong commitment and fervent belief in a united, democratic multicultural and free Lebanon. Today in Martyrs Square of downtown Beirut more than eleven thousand Lebanese citizens holding colored pieces of
cardboard formed a huge Lebanese flag in another spirited tribute to the slain ex-PM Rafik Hariri and in support of Lebanon's full and complete liberation from the Syrian occupation.

Young and old, women in headscarves and those with hair flying in the wind, gathered in Martyrs Square where Hariri and seven Lebanese citizens who were killed in a February 14 bomb attack are buried. The 3,800-square-meter flag was formed by cardboard pieces that on one side were in the Lebanese colors, red, white and green and black on the reverse side.

The CLHRF hails the extraordinary, courageous and strong-willed struggle of the Lebanese people for freedom and human rights, commends the heroes who formed today with their bodies Lebanon's national flag, and calls on all our people in occupied Lebanon to take a very active part in the scheduled Lebanese opposition demonstration on Monday March 14, 2005, that will be held on Martyrs Square in downtown Beirut in remembrance of murdered Rafik Hariri and in solidarity with the opposition's strive for a sovereign, independent, democratic Lebanon that is free from occupation.

CLHRF denounces Syria's re-appointment of Mr. Omar Karami to form a new Lebanese cabinet after he was forced by the people of Lebanon to resign because of his subservience to the occupier, and his failure and cowardice in assuming his responsibilities. Moreover, CLHRF cannot envisage any return of peace and security to Lebanon as long as Hizbollah and all other Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias are not disarmed and deprived of any security or military roles.

CLHRF highly values the strong and unrelenting support of US President George W. Bush who has shown a genuine belief in the right of our people to live free in a free and liberated Lebanon.

Elias Bejjani
CLHRF spokesman, LCCC, Media Chairman