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June 21/2005

For Immediate Release

Hawi's assassintion aims to hinder the full implementation of the UN Resolution 1559

The CLHRF strongly denounces the heinous assassination of Mr. George Hawi, the former Lebanese Communist Party leader that took place today in Beirut when a bomb detonated in his car as he was getting into it. Hawi's driver was injured as the car blew up outside the Lebanese politician's house at 10 a.m. local time in the western "Wata Musaitbi" district of the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

The actual danger and serious threat in this new crime lies in the fact that the attack appeared to have been clinically prepared and executed, and in the kind of precise planning and execution. The assassinates were able to place the bomb inside the care under the passenger seat of Mr. Hawi's blue-black Mercedes. Apparently they had previous and very accurate knowledge that Mr. Hawi will be driving his care this morning and not his driver who was sitting beside him when the explosion took place.
The bomb did not explode until the car had traveled 30 meters from a petrol station beside Hawi's home where it had just refueled, indicating that it was probably detonated by remote control. The same technology, method and precision were executed 19 days ago in the assassination of the Lebanese renowned Journalist Samir Kasser. It is obvious that these assassinates are capable to hit any time and where ever they wish without any deterrent.

The CLHRF, reads in this venomous new crime a clear message to the Lebanese leadership, the UN, USA, France and others who were behind the UN Resolution 1559. and to all those who are still calling for its full implementation.  It is a bloody message of intimidation from powerful and very effective local and regional secretive intelligence apparatuses controlled and run by those who strongly oppose the 1559, and in particular to its remaining unimplemented clauses related to the disarmament of Lebanese and non Lebanese armed militias, and the deployment of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon to assume its legitimate role in patrolling the Lebanese Israeli border. These same powers might be endeavoring to replace the Syrian notorious occupation in ruling Lebanon and in hindering its peoples' freedoms, democracy, peace and liberation.

The CLHRF calls on the UN to assume full and sole responsibility in all investigation matters related to Hawi's crime and that targeted journalist Samir Kasser 19 days ago. The on going UN probe into the murder of late ex PM, Mr. Raffic Hariri must  also fully cover both crimes. It is no secret that the Lebanese Security apparatus might be currently unable to execute its role freely and effectively due to possible infiltration by numerous local and regional hostile powers. The probe in Kasser's and Hawi's crimes by the UN will hopefully help to identity the criminals and put them on trial. Meanwhile tens of criminals who committed similar crimes in Lebanon during the Syrian occupation era have managed to escape justice, although the identities of many of them are known as well as their place of residence.

The CLHRF calls on the newly Lebanese elected members of the parliament to consciously assume their patriotic responsibilities free from emotions, religious affiliations and personal political gains.
We call on them to act  based on facts, fairness and welfare of the Lebanese people, as well as on the country's safety, independence, unity and sovereignty, especially those MP'S who have formed the majority in the new parliament.

CLHRF Spokesman
Elias Bejjani