From : Karole du Pont
To :
Subject : Re; Thanks for the article from the Ha'aretz on Balfour "the nature boy"
Date : Tue, 26 Aug 2003
Dear Elias: Thanks... This article escaped me...
One thing I can confirm to you is that I am not willing to sit there and do nothing if the Lebanese verdict states a prison term... I intend to fight back... There is so much at stake here... Canada's identity and cultural independence in the world....They will all have to face their constitutional ignorance of Canada and what it means truly to have cultural exchanges with us as well as what they are acknowledging in accepting Canada's delegations.... Perhaps their understanding of Canadian culture is low-level and they should reeducate their judicial system when dealing with Canadians. I am ready for them... I mean Canada is no extension of any country as pretended by many and I expect our citizens to be treated accordingly anywhere in the world.