By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

-- George Otis, the founder of the Voice of Hope radio station that once functioned in southern Lebanon and was later blown up by terrorists, has called for Christians around the world to pray for Canadian, Bruce Balfour, 52, who is on trial in Beirut, Lebanon, on charges of spying for Israel.

Speaking before a special 85th birthday celebration for charismatic leader, Harald Bredesen at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, on Saturday, August 23, George Otis told ANS, We have a desperate need for intercessory prayer for Bruce Balfour at this time. A one-time Nobel Prize winner once said, Prayer is more powerful than 10,000 Hydrogen bombs. So when you pray great things happen in the heavenlies.

Bruce Balfour went to Lebanon for the wonderful thing that the Holy Spirit had put in his heart to replant the Cedar trees around Lebanon because it has been so torn. It's a beautiful land that has been ravished and all he wanted to do was to restore the land. And heart been captured by the authorities there and they believe he is a spy.

He went there to do nothing but good, but they have called him a spy and unless we pray for him, he could be done great harm. Our prayers for Bruce are critical and should be done urgently over the next few days with great intensity with some fasting to go along with it.
Bruce is a wonderful man who helped us with our Lebanon Aid project back in the eighties when we were able to feed 27,000 people there and also do a whole series of humanitarian things to help the people of Lebanon. He did a great job for us.€?

Otis, who has recently launched a new Internet broadcasting project in English, Arabic and Spanish, called Kings World Ministries, based in Simi Valley, California, was then asked if he believed that the charges against Balfour that is a spy for Israel -- were true. He replied firmly, Absolutely not! I know he is not.

Bruce Balfour, a Christian, is the Field Director of Cedars of Lebanon, an interfaith humanitarian project that was planning to help replenish the mighty Cedars of Lebanon in the mountains of northern Lebanon.

Now according to sources in Beirut, he is due to be sentenced on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 for what he calls "trumped up" charges of spying for Israel. The sentencing will come at the end of his trial in front of a military tribunal in the Lebanese capital.

ANS has learned that several human rights advocates, in addition to Canadian Consulate officials, are endeavoring to assist in freeing Balfour and getting the false charges of spying for Israel dropped. They are of the opinion that Balfour's false arrest relates to unresolved issues concerning other human rights violations in the region and Canada's refusal to diplomatically recognize the Hezbollah group.

A spokesman for Balfour said, "Despite ongoing humanitarian efforts on Balfour's behalf, he critically needs immediate financial assistance with $5,000 U.S. to $10,000 U.S. in fees for his legal defense." Contributions critically needed for his legal defense are being handled by the Canadian Consul.

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