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Subject: Bruce Balfou's cover & bio
Find enclosed Bruce's color cover, author's biography and contact information. There will be a few minor changes (just in text) on the final cover. Notify us if anything is missing or of poor quality.
Rivers of Blessings The Heart & Path of a Simple Servant
by: Bruce Balfour
Is now available From wilderness wanderings in western Canada, to war, kidnappings, terrorism and imprisonment by a wickedly evil regime in the land of the Bible! this simple servant believed God could accomplish whatever He asked him to do. But what would He ask? Bruce spent the summer of 2003 in hellish prisons in Lebanon and went to military court 4 times before the "Spy for Israel" charges were proven false. He was convicted of "Preaching the Bible Boldly", sentenced to 1 year in prison for doing so, then had the time reduced to "time served" because of his "quality of Pastor". He arose into FREE airspace on September 3rd 2003 in the 13th hour of his 55th day of captivity in thankful blessings! Bruce was born in B.C. where he spent many years. He went to high school in Alberta and lived there for about 20 years, especially in Calgary. The book is 1/4 inch shy of 6 by 9 inches and is about 450 pages in length, full of adventure, intrigue and miracles. This will challenge your imagination and faith and will help you to look into the future with some fathomable truth. This story and adventure is absolutely true. All people mentioned truly exist on the face of the earth! Bruce has challenged and enjoyed life at the eastern end of the Mediterranean for many merciful years. The cost is $30 and it may be ordered now. To contact Bruce for speaking, ordering books, or whatever else is needed, use these methods:

*Web site:
Mail: 15735 Nordhoff St.
Unit 41 North Hills,
California 91343

*American Director:
Mervin Ralph: 213-276-1276

*Canadian Coordinator:
Fred Van Vliet: 403-861-1019

Bruce can temporarily be reached by phone at his sister's. 250-674-3703