By: Camil Bhersafi
September 12, 2004

Twenty two years ago, and for twenty one days, the faith of Lebanon would have change forever. We believed in it then, and we still do, now more than ever.

We are gathered today to commemorate our late president and leader Sheikh Bachir Gemayel, our Thousands martyr friends, and the hundred thousand Christian, who died in the name of the cause, defending Lebanon’s existence and identity.

We stand today in defiance against the tyranny that has been imposed on our homeland Lebanon and its people. We stand today to tell you BACH, that the occupiers, their puppet regime in Lebanon and their cronies in the Diaspora, managed to steal our possessions and resources, are oppressing our people, murdering our youth, altering our history books, they took our citizenship, but they failed to silence us, they failed to undermine our hopes, they failed to quell our voices, they failed to dissimulate or devour our beloved Lebanon, and most of all they will never ever take our FREEDOM.

The freedom to keep the light of civilization, shining in the holy land of the Cedars. The freedom to choose our path, and the will to exercise it. The freedom to practice our Christianity, without any censorship or litigation.

The freedom to live in dignity by taking full control over our lives, politically, economically, and socially, without the fear to be persecuted, labeled, thrown in jails, oppressed, exiled and assassinated.

Sheikh Bachir! You asked us once, to tell the truth no matter how harsh the consequences could be. So you carried the torch of the unlimited sacrifices, you gave yourself to lift the suffering of our people, to protect and to preserve the freedom in Lebanon, its sovereignty, uniqueness, openness and history. Like Christianity, it started through difficult and turbulent periods, and flourished and survived only through sacrifices, martyrdom, dedication and perseverance.

Yes! it is true that every man dies, but it is also true that, not every man lives. BACH you live in our hearts and minds, you live within our people. Your voice, and encouragement still resonant, always enlighten our cause, and motivate our moral. Your words are evolving into our youth, our elderly and our communities in Lebanon as much as in the Diaspora, to reach not just sixty Thousand Bachir, but millions.

Most Lebanese believe and repeat your slogan the 10452/ km with passion, now more than ever. The anger and the frustration of our people are growing bolder. The voices of our compatriots are coming out louder. The footsteps of our youth are rumbling like thunder. Therefore, we can feel the winds of the freedom coming to an everlasting, peaceful, sovereign, independent, deep rooted historical Lebanon. We can also feel the moment of truth is coming fast. Faster then the traitors can ever imagine. Those who betrayed our history, our geography, our culture, our martyrs, our cause, and the RECKONING is coming with it.

Today we call on you, our compatriots, for the sake of Lebanon, and our Christianity, in the name of the tremendous sacrifices of our martyrs and their families, to stand with us, with pride and honor, without fear, and let the light of the truth to shine upon us all, guide our steps, and empower our faith. History taught us that, Civilizations and Empires has vanquished only when they chose to give up hope and surrender to defeat.

Let us not hide, behind our mistakes and failures. Instead work on confronting and fixing them to rise again to the big occasions, like the phoenix, and reclaim what is ours, a God given right, for freedom, dignity and justice to our people. Sovereignty and independence for our beloved country Lebanon, where Christian community can survive and enjoy complete mastery over its values, destiny and believes.

To the living we only owe respect, but to our martyrs, we owe them to stay the course of the truth and to keep the promise alive, and always remember that < WHATEVER WE DO IN LIFE WILL ECHO IN ETERNITY >.

BACHIR Haii Fina
Long live Freedom, and
Long live Free Lebanon.