A letter to my hero, Sheik Bachir
By: Michael Dalle
It's been twenty one years since they took away your body from us. Since than many things have changed, things that will make you cry rivers, the same rivers that the mothers of our martyrs used to cry overtime when they heard the news about their young men not coming back home.

I have a lot to tell you in this letter, but the problems of our country are too much to fit in this small letter as you are aware and as you watch over us from the pearly gates. Your friends that once were with you in every step have all vanished; some are dead, some in jail, some exiled, while others chose the road not taken before and sold their blood to the devil for a seat in our so-called parliament or government.

Your enemies are still trembling whenever they hear your name come up and until this day they not dare speak or mention the history of  Sheik Bachir. Your old   supporters are still waiting for you to come back; it seems they have not grasped the fact that you are gone. They still believe that you will once come back like King Arthur on a white horse.

As for me and  the young Lebanese youth all over the world, I can guarantee you that you live through us on a daily basis and it's through us that the struggle will continue.

Oh, "Bash" the country has never been the same since that September 14 in 1982.  Your Lebanon has become a terrorist haven for every terrorist organization in the Middle East, and we the Lebanese have became second-class citizens in our own country. Our right to speak our mind is no longer tolerated. They have tagged our martyrs as traders and theirs as heroes.They have labeled our patriotic leaders as agents and theirs as Arabic role models for "Salah Eddine".  They have reorganized the whole Lebanon in a way that the Syrian occupier from his headquarters in "Anjar" can run and control everything that happens to our four million citizens.

Enough with all these negative things I have been telling you, because one thing you taught us was hope. So, let me tell you this, My Great Sheik Bachir, with all these problems surrounding us, our beliefs in the cause is getting stronger and stronger.   Our loyalty to the 10,452 km2 Lebanon doctrine has never been stronger. Sheik Bachir rest in peace that no one shall escape the Day of Judgment when it comes.   All those who have committed evil sins against Lebanon, its identity, the people, and their rights will pay the price. The day is in the horizon; rest in peace.

It is true your are not with us physically since September 14, 1982, but your spirit has never left us. It lights our patriotic, human and struggling paths, paths of honesty, integrity, dignity and devotion.

Oh, "Bash", you are alive in thousands and thousands of our youth. Your dream is glowing more than before and will remain so till it burns all those who betrayed Lebanon and its holy cause.

My hero, my leader, rest in peace, the Lebanon that you dreamt of will raise again and its flag will never be lowered.

My hero, we will never forget the 10,452 Km2 doctrine that you fostered in our minds and hearts.

Long Live Free Lebanon