Lebanon was the price for his Martyrdom
By: Michael Dalle

During the 1982 syrian siege of "Zahleh" , an American reporter from ABC news asked one of the young Lebanese fighters who were caught in the city's siege, "what do you think of Sheik Bashir Gemayel? ", The young man looked at the reporter, smiled and said, " he is our martyr". The reporter seemed confused, she then asked the fighter: "Do you know what a martyr is"? The fighter replied, "it is someone who dies for religious or political beliefs, and whose death makes people believe more strongly in those beliefs". So the reporter told the fighter, "how come you are claiming him a martyr while he is still alive?". The fighter looked at the reporter with self-confidence and repeated what he said. He knew that Bashir's martyrdom was a matter of time. He ended his conversation by saying: "He will be remembered forever".

On November 10/ 1947, a patriotic dreamer called Bashir Gemayel was born, and on September 14/1982 Bashir became our martyr. His dreams, his beliefs, his ideologies were not taken away. Nobody can take them away. His voice is still echoing in the ears of Lebanon's youth giving them faith, hope and perseverance. To this date, his name still scares the country's betrayers and sold out politicians.

Most of Lebanon's youth today, in occupied Lebanon, as well as in Diaspora, including myself were not around when Bashir was struggling to fulfill the 10452 km2 dream, but we feel that we were there and that he spoke our minds.

Since his departure a lot was written about him, but very few were actually able to portray his dream. To know Bashir better, one ought to listen to those who lived close to him and those who believed in his great capability in influencing events and defeating fear. History is often written by men who hang heroes and this is the case with Bashir.

It has been twenty years since his martyrdom. What ever happened to the country he served, worshipped and died for? For eight years, the war of others went on inflicting more sacrifices and more destruction. Then came the "Taef Accord". A big lie that surrendered Lebanon to its persecutors.

As a result of this Accord over two million Lebanese citizens were forced to leave the country, while a regime of subservience and oppression was installed. Meanwhile the question remains: " Where are we as a nation going?

We are still arguing the same way over the same issues that prevailed in 1975. It is not now the PLO and its local allies who are waging war against our people and entity, but our so called "sister Syria" and many of the country's leaders and clergies. All of them have sided with the devil and sold, not only their dignity and honor, but also the holy cause of freedom and liberation. What really is shameful and disgusting is the betrayal of many dignitaries and midget leaders who once alleged to be believers in Bashir's 10452 km2 doctrine. Isn't is a shame to realize that some of these Judases were among his followers.

When the "Bash" Bashir stares at his beloved Lebanon from the heavens, I am sure his heart aches just like every patriotic Lebanese who believes in peace, freedom, and human rights. The "Bash" that our fathers, and their comrades knew is definitely sad and disappointed for seeing his country suffer on the hands of puppet leaders who betrayed his dream and humiliated the martyrs' sacrifices.

The "Bash" from heaven is hurt with the agony of each and every persecuted Lebanese. Meanwhile he is still hopeful and confident that his dream is not dead, but alive in the hearts, minds and conscience of Lebanon's youth. He is looking from above and reading proudly our youth's slogans: "The 10452 KM2 is still alive". "Lebanon is for the Lebanese". "No for the occupiers and traitors". "Liberation is imminent". "No for Judases and Trojans".

Bashir the dream, Bashir the courage and patriotism is alive inside us, and will be so forever . "Bashir Hay fina" and will remain so, no matter what the sacrifices shall be. Bashir never lost hope or kneeled to Lebanon's enemies. We the Lebanon's youth shall follow his footsteps and God willing the 10452 KM2 dream of independence, sovereignty and freedom shall be fulfilled. Sheik Bashir is the symbol of our holy cause. Murderers have killed his body, but failed to kill the spirit that he has implanted in our conscience and minds.

Our great leader Bashir: Today twenty years after your departure, we renew our vows and promise to continue the struggle. Your torch will never be abandoned, it will always be lit and glowing. We the Lebanese youth in Canada and throughout the world salute your doctrine and promise to keep it alive.

Our beloved "Bash", there are no words that could convey the strength of our belief in a united, free, democratic, independent Lebanon, and as you have said, "sooner or later we have to fight the liberation war and now is the time".
The struggle for liberation will go on and you will always remain alive inside our hearts.

Long Live Free Lebanon