They assassinated your nation & Sold your cause
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman

Our great leader Bashir, we miss you more than any time before. We miss leaders who follow your steps, serve Lebanon's interests, defend and courageously their peoples' dignity. We miss you while Lebanon has been emptied of your genuine followers through assassination, imprisonment, detention and exile.

Our great leader, the way they assassinated you, they have assassinated your beloved Lebanon,  and this time sold its cause. The MP's who elected you for presidency have betrayed the cause in "Al-Taef". They have took Judas as their role model. They have sold the resistance covenant, the nation's dignity, and the national stances.

You were betrayed by Shepherds of cowardice, wickedness fear and weakness. These heretics apparently have loved every thing in their master, but not his cross. They proved through their acts to be void of courage, sovereignty and freedom.

You were betrayed by many of your comrades after viciously maneuvering with your principles, compromising on your ideology  and deviating from your doctrine. They ignored both your teaching and beliefs. They ended downtrodden and alienated.

How great it would've been if you were able to be among us these days. You could have witnessed with your own eyes the shameful defeat and the mean humiliation inflicted on Lebanon by those who are supposed to be carrying your flag, politicians as well as clergymen.

Their conduct is sick and disgusting. Much worse than parasites and animal flies. They have victimized your people and forced two millions of them into immigration.

They willingly became subservients and agents serving the nations occupiers. They defiled Lebanon's sacred soil, its hills, mountains, shores and woods with their dirties and barbaric conduct. They abandoned the holy struggle for freedom, torn your flag of liberation and betrayed the martyrs' sacrifices.

They forgot both the harsh resistance days and the heroic sacrifices.
They forgot barbaric acts of kidnapping, slaying, bombarding, blasting, shelling, intimidation and the painful nights at the shelters.
They forgot the coffins that embodied bodies of thousands of our martyrs. They forgot the intimidated orphans, and the agonized widows who washed with their tears the heroes caskets.
They forgot how holy and fierce was our heroes fight in protecting the sanctuary of Lebanon and its identity,  freedom, truth, self determination right and dignity.

They did not honor our heroes' precious blood. They joined the Trojans and Judases in their treacherous acts..
Those who headed funeral prayers and processions for our victims and heroes have blocked their ears to keep your repenting words far away from their minds. They changed the struggle track, betrayed your doctrine and joined happily the ranks of your persecutors...They failed in the fateful test and made the nation fall into evil hands.
They buried the morals, ethics, patriotism, and conscience. They brought shame to the glory history of Lebanon's Cedars.
They exhibited no shame and bragged with their deviated conduct.

they crawled like slaves to the door steps of those who inflicted the 100 days' war on our people and imprison in their notorious Nazi jails our men and women.
They betrayed the blood of the innocent and joined forces with those who practiced in our occupied country games of persecution, repression, torturing and terrorism.
They kneeled and accepted slavery in a bid to appease a brotherly regime that its people still live in bondage.

Bashir, you were a distinguishable gifted role model in courage, dedication and devotion.
You were a giant in patriotic achievements and an inspiration in faith, perseverence, and forgiveness.
You were a pioneering leader and a dreamer with a vision. You dreamed of a united, free, democratic Lebanon.
Your 10452 Km2 doctrine is the torch that we still carry and intend to hand over to our children and their children's' children.
Bashir you were a leader, while the Trojans who are installed in office these days are mere midgets.

The heaven's injustice has prevailed in your beloved Lebanon.
We ask Almighty God, His Son and his angels to evict from the holy temple those wicked and evil leaders.
They have betrayed the cause, sold the country, mortgaged the future of its coming generations, defiled its sacred soil, compromised on the martyrs' sacrifices, laughed over your grave and  are dancing on the misery of our oppressed people.

In your 20th commemoration we call of the Heaven to change its injustice with love,
We ask that Lebanon's Trojans, Judases and Pharisees, the conscienceless  politicians and clergymen, all disappear.
Almighty God Help us to reclaim the dream of our Bashir, and enlighten our hearts and minds to witness for the truth.

Bashir, you are not dead, you are still alive in the honor and dignity of each and every Lebanese sovereignist.
You people will never kneel, surrender or abandon Lebanon's holy land and cause.

Our Leader, our dream, rest in peace, your people are still carrying  the 10452 Km2 torch and will continue to do till your dream is fulfilled and Lebanon becomes again a free nation.