Let the whole world know about Tony Orian
(SOLIDE): Toni Orion is an active element in the 'Free Patriotic Movement' in Lebanon. He was, alongside his colleagues Toni Harb and Maroun Nassif, unlawfully arrested by the Lebanese authorities for distributing the 'Lebanese Bulletin' that was already published in all local  Lebanese newspapers and aired by all TV stations. In violation to their constitutional rights, they were illegally sentenced to 45 days in prison. The illegal sentences by the military court, violates:
- articles 8 and 14 of the Lebanese constitution
- articles 224 and 225 of the Lebanese penal code
In addition to the articles stipulated in the 'International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights'
Today, Toni Orion officially declared a hunger strike. He is demanding the following:
1-The authorities should revoke all the sentences against all who were illegally arrested in the latest campaign.
2-The Central Security Council should go back on its decisions that severely violates the very basic human rights
3-The authorities should arrest and put to trial all those responsible for the latest crackdown campaign.
Please send appeals and letters of support to arrive as quickly as possible,
in English, Arabic, French or your own language:
- calling for all prisoners of conscience detained for their involvement with the LF and the FPM to be released immediately and
- urging the authorities to allow an independent medical team to supervise Toni's hunger strike.
- stating that civilians should not be tried by the Military Court.
-adopting the conditions put forth by Toni Orion.
Ghazi Aad
Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile (SOLIDE)