Gob Bless Lebanon
By: Antoine Harb

The recent situation is definitely disheartening, but I do believe that there is reason behind the madness - albeit nonsense.  It is in my opinion that certain people/factions in Lebanon are insecure and freightened about the warm relations and bonds being forged between the Druze and the Maronites.   These people are intimidated and fear that this "natural" alliance will prevent or make difficult their succession into powerfull positions.  Wether it be Sunni, Shiite or Orthodox, the people in question are pro-Syrian and rely on Syria to strengthen their national position.

The positive side of this incident is that it has triggered a renewed resiliance among the nationalists and rekindled the flame of resistance againts Syrian hegemony.  You will see mass protests and opposition against the government of the Syrian puppets.  The Lebanese revolution will forcefully errupt if the vioce of the people is muffled and their nationalistic calls are ignored.
God Bless Free LEBANON!