Shalom Israel
By: Freedom Fighter

Mr Toufic Hindi’s alleged "confessions" under duress, are Null and Void in all international rules and laws. He was secretly and brutally arrested without due process. He had disappeared for days, his whereabouts unknown, with the security services who denied him the ability to talk to his family, his attorney, the press, and the public. The kidnappers are the same Intelligence services who were exposed for their torture, falsifications, and abuse by Amnesty International, the US State Department country reports, as well as numerous other international human rights organizations and governments.

Even if true, isn’t hypocritical that known and confessed Syrian-collaborators accuse an "alleged" Israeli-collaborator, as if the first were holy and sacrosanct, and the latter an evil traitor? As far as I am concerned, Mr Hindi has all the right to communicate with anyone he wishes in the world, including Israel, if he believes that would help liberate Lebanon from the Syrian occupation, and preserve the safety, integrity, and sovereignty of my country.

Mr Hindi is on the side of International legitimacy who considers UN resolution 425 fully implemented and that Israel has totally withdrawn from Lebanon. While the Syrian dictatorship and its puppet Lebanese regime, continue to be in violation of UN resolution 425 and 520, and keeps 30,000 occupation troops in Lebanon since 1976, controlling its government, kidnapping, torturing, suppressing, and suffocating its people, and looting its economy. Confessions obtained by a regime of bandits who are in violation of international laws, are automatically discounted, and even if true, hardly criminal, in a state where the head of its regime down to the bottom have been illegally appointed by a barbaric occupying dictatorship from the dark ages.

It is not the Syrian Dictatorship’s place, nor its collaborators, to decide for us Lebanese, who our enemy is, and who our friends are. I, as a Lebanese citizen am fully satisfied that Israel has done the honorable by withdrawing from our homeland and respecting all our citizens. I am willing and eager to turn the page, and establish full diplomatic, cultural, economic, and friendly relationships with Israel, with the only condition being the full respect of Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence, and freedoms of its people.

The Syrian occupation has decimated Lebanon, and for years been "domesticating" the Lebanese public opinion and brainwashing it with, can and cannot say and do. To the point where we see some "programmed" people making almost "robotic" opinions of subjugation to Syria, and "automatic" verbal attacks against Israel, simply as a prelude in presenting their opinions so that they can sleep safely in their homes that night. The Syrian occupation has successfully terrorized the old political class, but it has not phased us. We couldn’t care less for what the occupation regime says or attempts to impose. We are Free Lebanese, and shall submit to no one, except a democratically elected government under UN Supervision in a secular Lebanon free from all Syrian occupation troops and their services.

Syria, you are the trash of the Middle East, and it is not your place to dictate to us our foreign policy, you are just not that important. You are a backward primitive Stalinist regime which persists through tyranny and murder, and lack any respect among the civilized nations of this world. All agreements you imposed on Lebanon since 1990, via your own appointed collaborators are just like Mr. Hindis’ alleged confession, imposed through occupation and duress, and they are all Null and Void.

Who is the real enemy here? An Israel that has returned all our lands and sovereignty, or a Syria that insists on assassinating our identity and continues to occupy our homeland and practices terror and genocide against our people? We are free to communicate and ally ourselves with whomever we wish and it is none of the damned Syrians business nor that of their petty collaborators and traitors in the puppet Lahoud regime to dictate to us what we can do or say.

I personally would rather have a million Israeli, and not one stinking Syrian Nazi. So Shalom Israel anytime.

Long Live Free Lebanon
Freedom Fighter