what should the church leaders do for Lebanon?
From George Corazon: what should the church leaders do for Lebanon?  Here is what the bible has to say: "what good is it, if man claims to have faith but has no deeds?   can such faith save him?  suppose a brother is without clothes or food, and one of you say I wish you well, keep warm and well fed. But does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?  Faith is dead if not accompanied by action. You believe that there is a God, even the demons believe there is a God. Faith without deed is useless.  A person is justified by what he does not just faith."  James 2:14-24.
Can someone tell me why is it that I can get American churches to have a prayer for Lebanon or to start a letter writing campaign or take action but I cannot get one Lebanese church to do anything?  How could they preach about love and care when they have no love and care?  isn't this hypocrisy?  years of war, thousands dead, thousands orphaned, pain, suffering, occupation , bad economy, people are leaving Lebanon now at a faster rate than during the war, there is no freedom and the list goes on.  How could they ignore that and not care?  what kind of ungodly men do we have for pastors and priests?  I say the church leaders in Lebanon should stand up for what is right, they should rally and demand a better government that cares about the people.  I say the churches in the US should hold prayers in front of the UN or may be in front of the white house.
They should show there concern.  If they cannot do that then they should be fired from their position and we should find true believer and not hypocrites. They have failed us miserably.  they should be the conscience of a nation, they should teach people about love and caring.  The only thing they teach Christians is to argue about whether you use 3 fingers or 5 fingers to pray.  How discussing , this is not even mentioned in the bible.   I say they have failed us and if someone is not for you , they are against you.  I say it is time we demand that they do something to turn Lebanon into a godly nation.  They should hit the street and have a nationwide prayer in front of the presidential palace.  This action will get the attention of world wide media.  By doing nothing they are teaching their church members about not caring.  Yes, they have failed us just like the government has failed us, just like the political parties have failed us , just like the Christian leaders such as Lahoud have failed us.