A circus tight-rope walker:Walid Baik
By: Anwar Wazen

I have been observing since many years with mixed feelings your political prouess, haphazard declarations, admirable political gains but not the financial ones though (remember when you were incharge of the deplaced people's fund or when you used to flirt with uncle Rafik during the election campaigns? you even admitted it on TV). I always considered you a buddy because I used to admire your spontaneous and politically astute declarations, swift moves, manoeuvers, reactions, opening or closing the doors of Mokhtara to political friends, foes and profiteers as you please and according to where political winds blow. Today, I am sorry to tell you,Walid Baik, that your 180 degrees about face and unpredictable political style started to bore me. No more excitement Walid Baik . The audience needs variety.You're becoming boring and the fact that you're taking your job of a tight rope walker too seriously makes me change the TV channel your show is on.

I used to admire you more when you were riding your Harley Davisdson bike dressed in your blue jeans and your Lee Cooper shirt (no neckties). You were for me the incarnation of the Easy Rider hero in Peter Fonda's movie who didn't mind smoking a joint from time to time. I started to wonder what's happening to my old buddy, Walid Baik when I saw you the other day dressed in a suit with a necktie enjoying lunching with two guys that give me the creeps: Dracula who rose from his grave and the Mafia Don.Walid Baik ,wake up , this is the internet age . Whom are you trying to fool ? even the most ignorant "sherwal" wearing follower in your Tribe must have been wondering what's my Walid Baik up to now. You have been flirting at your own leisure with the "TERMINATORS" of your father in the the name of what you call the UNWAVERING FUNDAMENTAL TIES that bind Lebanon to its sister .

Well I tell you Walid Baik.Your big "sis" has been sucking your blood and mine for the last 25 years, and if you and me would stupidly condone this "etat de fait "we've had it for another twenty five years..Yes buddy, This moderator and go between acting role that you are playing in the name of the new international and regional political realities does not suit you . Leave this role to the other lebanese political Lords.You want to be the Hero? on your next trip up north bring back with you the persecuted lebanese from the dungeons of torture.

Walid Baik . Go back to the Harley Davidson , enjoy the ride and be yourself.

truly yours
Anwar Wazen