Is it an wakening of conscience
By: Minister Issam Abu Jamra
(Translated by: Elias Bejjani)
In a recent daring confession, Mr. Elias Hrawi condemned openly Dr. Salim Hoss's infringement on the Lebanese  constitution twelve years years ago. Hoss had bowed to the Syrian pressure and illegally assumed the position of PM by the end of President Amin Gemayel's presidential term (1988). Minister Abu Jamra reminded the Lebanese people of the horrible atrocity that was committed by Dr. Hoss, and said, in statement issued yesterday from exile in France: "although Mr. Hrawi's confession comes twelve years after the crime has been committed, I believe the man deserves to be commended for his act" He added: " Mr.Hoss assumed illegally the prime-ministerial position after the assassination of PM Rashid Karami and infringed on the Lebanese constitution. His act led to the presence of two governments in the country, a legitimate one headed by General Michel Aoun, and a Syrian appointed illegal government headed by Dr. Salim Hoss himself."
Minister Abu Jamra continued to say: "We wonder if Mr. Hrawi would go on with his belated confessions that could be attributed to a delayed awakening of conscience, condemning his own oppressive presidential decisions. During his nine- year presidential term, Mr. Hrawi, who was appointed by the Syrian occupier, has falsely accused General Michel Aoun and his transitional military government with fake fabricated charges. In the case that his conscience has truly been awakened, he should confess publicly that all accusations of rebelliousness and other atrocities inflicted on General Aoun and members of his cabinet were wrong. He should admit that all the other governmental decrees his Syrian appointed regime issued, like sending the Aoun government members into exile, confiscating their belongings and money, unlawfully dismissing them from military service, and other judiciary cases fabricated against them, were mere atrocities. He should admit publicly that all cases and charges against the Aoun cabinet  members were based on revenge and grudges, have no legal justification, and accordingly should be cancelled immediately.