The Artificial Security
By: Brigadier, Issam Abu Jamra
(Free translation by: Elias Bejjani)

In occupied Lebanon, in the alleged state of constitutions and law, In the shadow of forty thousand Syrian Arabic troops,
Under the auspices of seventy thousand Lebanese army soldiers, And tens of thousands of other different security forces,
In adjuvant to the Presidential Palace, Nearby the Baabda governerate headquarters and in the neighborhood of
the Ministry for Defense, at Al Yarze area.

In this Lebanon, and in this very specific region of Lebanon, you come back to find your closed house with smashed doors and scattered contents. You come back to find that a criminal has entered your house, destroyed its contents and stole what he liked. It is well known in Lebanon that even during the wartime years, and when the army was divided and scattered, the army officer’s residents were always respected and never attacked or pilfered.

Adjuvant to the City of Nabatieh, in South Lebanon, you return to your village (Arnoun village) to find it has been kidnapped and annexed to the security zone on the other bank. You discover your village has been enclosed with barbed wire, and you are banned from entering your house without the approval of the occupier. You are not even sure if your house still exists or if it has been blown up and completely vanished.

One wonders, till when does the Lebanese sovereignty have to stay abandoned?
Till when does Lebanon have to remain mortgaged?
We have called on General Lahoud to give the Lebanese Army, that he has personally built, some credit!!! We asked him to give the Lebanese army all the needed political, moral, and logistic support to impose the State’s sovereignty on the Lebanese soil. We encouraged him to ask all foreign troops to withdraw because they are not needed, and accordingly the country can depend on its own armed forces and start the process of recovery. How did he respond? He declared his hostility towards us and refused to listen.
Following Hariri’s foot steps, Dr. Salim Hoss happily broke his news to the people, saying: We are still in need of the Syrian Arabic troops to support the country’s stability, and support the Lebanese stance in the face of Israeli occupation!!!

Following Hariri’s and Hoss’s calls for the need of the Syrian troops, his Excellency Mr. Murr (Minister for Interior) emerged with one of his endless innovations. This time he fabricated the political Security term, after he had previously innovated the civil security mockery. Mr. Murr seems to have become specialized in political and military science, after his significant, outstanding achievements in arts of African contracts, Municipality elections, car plates, quarries, incinerators etc. Is it reasonable for Dr. Hoss to announce publicly and bluntly the need for the Syrian troops while Israel has already annexed a few days ago the village of Arnoun in the South? What logic is Dr. Hoss using, while the Syrian troops, as always, did not fire one bullet against the Israelis to deter them from annexing the Lebanese village?

By the same token, how can citizens believe Mr. Murr’s empty alleged reassurances related to security and trust his measures and personnel while they see on a daily basis thieves ransacking houses and criminals committing crimes, all over Lebanon without any fear, or respect for the State authority?
How could the people of Lebanon trust their regime officials, if these officials themselves have no authority or self respect, and act like puppets?
What kind of credibility does the regime officials have?
Who can trust them, when they support the illegal presence of 40 thousand Syrian troops in Lebanon? What kind of credit do they deserve, when the roll of the Syrian troops, and that of the Lebanese army, and security force, is solely to protect the presence and status of the Prime Minister, his deputy and the protection of a puppet regime?

How can the citizens trust a regime that uses foreign troops and its own security forces to intimidate and persecute honest and patriotic citizens, instead of fighting the country’s enemies and safeguard its borders? How can people trust a regime when crime, corruption and thievery are openly widespread? How can people give any credit to a regime, or to its officials, when both are fully responsible for the annexation of parts of the country by foreign powers without any effective military deterrent or even an intefada (uprise)?

To whose advantage is the on going secretive sacrifice of Lebanon?
To whose advantage is this artificial security in Lebanon?
Is this all in return for brotherhood and innocent love? Or in fact, all these atrocities and mockeries fall in the context of a vicious scheme that aims to tame our people and contain them for undeclared satanic reasons?
The current Lebanese imposed status quo is disgusting, and the level of collaboration and subservience practiced by installed officials is extremely humiliating.
The current status is very dangerous and very scary, it threatens the core existence of Lebanon
as a state, and the freedom and identity of the Lebanese.

The question is, are those collaborators, and those who claim to be our brothers, aware that Lebanon has survived all kinds of occupation, and was always victorious through its 6000 years of history, and that it will be victorious again and again?

Long Live Free Lebanon
France. February 25-1999